Remember Where the Truth Lies (Part 1)

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Shae Whitlock was 8 years old when the accident that changed her life forever happened. Now she's 15, and that accident is still affecting her life.

What can she do? Who can she turn to for advice when everybody will think what she says is crazy? Shae has to work alone to solve her problems, but can she do it?

Created by: Fallout3
  1. I run my fingers along the calender. September 8th. The day filled with pain, loss, regret. It's been the worst day of the year for my family ever since--no. I can't think about that now. I can't think about that ever. It hurts too much.
  2. I sigh and close the calender as my brother Aaron comes into the living room. He sees me holding the calender and gives me a sympathetic look. "You all right, Shae?" he asks. I just nod, not trusting my voice right now. I can tell he doesn't believe me, but he lets it go, for which I am grateful.
  3. Aaron doesn't understand what I am going through. The accident happened seven years ago; he was only four at the time. I however, am fifteen, and vividly remember every detail. The fire, the panic, and--I stop my thoughts immediately, as I have trained myself to do when grief threatens to overwhelm me. The pain is just too unbearable.
  4. I leave the living room and head out to our big backyard. The cool breeze, light rain, and leaves in various hues of oranges and yellows scattered on the ground are all clear signs of fall. I smile at a little bird picking at the dirt, and it quickly flies away, scared of this new creature invading its territory.
  5. I sigh, yet again, and flop unceremoniously down onto our hammock, which resides stretched between two maple trees. I think of the time I tried to climb one of the trees when I was 11 and tore my knee up. I close my eyes and get lost in the memories that are quickly clouding my thoughts.
  6. I'm not sure how much time has passed before I'm groggily blinking my eyes open. I'm shocked to find myself looking at the stars, and I quickly get up, realizing I fell asleep. I turn to head inside--when I freeze.
  7. In the moonlight, I can see that there's a face peering at me from the back window. A face more familiar to me than my own. It looks just like mine-long, curly brown hair, pale white-blue eyes. I stand there for a moment, gaping, before my brain finally sends the message to my legs to move. I dart forward and fling the back door open.
  8. I run through the house, looking for the person I'd seen. I check every room, every closet, every nook and cranny. I hear muffled cries of protest from the family members I accidently wake up. My frustration builds and tears well up in my eyes as I desperately search, the realization that whoever I was looking for is gone is gradually creeping up on me. There never was anybody there in the first place. It was my imagination. It had to be.
  9. Why, you ask? Because that face I'd seen was the the face of a girl who had perished seven years ago in a fire--my dead twin sister, Sydney.
  10. So that's the end of Remember Where the Truth Lies Part 1! I hope you enjoyed it. Please read part two when I put it up! By the way A) this is my first story quiz, and B) I'm only 12, and certainly not a professional writer, so please bear with me on this! Thanks so much; rate and comment! --Fallout3

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