Remember Where the Truth Lies (Part 4)

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Recap of part 3: Shae is being troubled by Sydney. She's having terrible nightmares every night, and on top of that, her brother has been acting very strangely.

Mysterious things continually happen: electronics won't work for an unknown reason, and Shae finds Sydney's old bracelet that supposedly burned in the fire. What will Shae do?

Created by: Fallout3
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  1. “So this is your house,” my friend Leigh says as we go up the front walk. “This is it,” I reply, pushing open the front door. She tosses her book bag on the ground and flops lazily onto the couch, while I sit in a chair next to her. “You know,” Leigh says, looking at me almost accusingly, “We’ve been friends for almost two years and I’ve never been to your house before. I’d like to know why.” I shrug. “I guess I just never really thought of it.” Which is sort of true, but not the real reason I invited her here. I invited her over because my parents are going to some dinner for the company my dad works for and it won’t end until pretty late, and Aaron is spending the night at a friend’s house. I know it sounds childish, but I really don’t want to be home alone, especially at night.
  2. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more of Sydney. The bracelet was gone by the time I went back into the living room a couple days ago, but after that strange objects kept showing up in random places. First I found Sydney’s old doll in my bedroom. Next was her green hair bow on my dresser. After that were her ballet slippers from when we were six and wanted to be dancers. Things just kept showing up everywhere. Things that weren’t mine and that should’ve been blackened ash by now, but somehow weren’t.
  3. I seem to be the only one having problems with strange occurrences. Aaron has stopped pretending to be friends with Sydney, at least in front of us. Sometimes late at night I hear him whispering in his room, but I choose to ignore it. My dad isn’t aware that anything is wrong. He continues to act as he always has, oblivious to what’s happening around him. But my mom, well—she may be struggling even more than I am. I don’t know why, but lately she’s been very shaky and pale a lot, and she constantly gets headaches and will just lie in bed for hours on end. I’ve tried asking her about it, but she simply waves me away and tells me it’s no big deal. Right. Because I believe that.
  4. Anyway, things have gotten really freaky around my house now that it’s not just me being affected by—I really don’t know what—anymore. So it’s understandable that I wouldn’t want to be home alone in the middle of the night. Which is exactly why I invited Leigh to stay over; besides, I could use the company.
  5. “Yeah, well start thinking about it,” Leigh says in response to what I said earlier. “So, what’re we going to do? Watch movies? Play video games? Sneak out to a party?” She grins mischievously, and I shake my head at her last suggestion. She pouts. “Well, you’re boring!” I frown at her and she smiles to show me she was kidding.
  6. This feels weird. I only ever really joked around and had fun like this with Sydney. Sure, we’d both had other friends, but we weren’t very close to any of them. Why’d it matter when we had each other? Apparently, it did matter, because after the accident I had no friends to turn to. I was constantly overwhelmed by grief, and those who would’ve come to me before now avoided me; I intimidated them with my sadness. I shut myself off from other people and became a loner, always by myself, not really talking to anybody but my family and I barely even spoke to them.
  7. I had not one friend until finally in 8th grade we had a partner project and I got paired with Leigh. She made me laugh for the first time in a very long time, and I liked her immediately because of that. We’re not best friends, or even particularly close friends, but every day I eat lunch with her. We talk when we see each other in the hallways or classes. I appreciate her friendship, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.
  8. We play video and board games and watch movies for several hours. By the time it’s dark outside we’re both insanely bored, though Leigh’s trying not to show it, wanting to be a good guest. I decided to end her suffering and click the TV off in the middle of a movie. Leigh doesn’t protest. “What do you want to do now?” I ask Leigh. She taps her chin and looks down, thinking, for a moment before her head snaps back up, her blonde hair flying in every direction. “We should play Truth or Dare,” she says. I hesitate; I’ve always hated that game. Leigh senses my reluctance and grins. “Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re scared?” she says mockingly, narrowing her green eyes. I shake my head. “Let’s play.”
  9. “You first. Truth or Dare?” Leigh asks eagerly. I think for a moment before going with Truth. “All right. Who do you have a crush on?” she practically squeals. I groan. I knew she would ask this. “Nobody,” I tell her honestly, shrugging. Leigh looks at me skeptically, raising her eyebrows. “Nobody? But what about Ryan Anderson?” she asks. “He’s really, really—” I clamp my hand over her mouth. “I do not want to hear the rest of that sentence.”
  10. We continue playing Truth or Dare for a while, Leigh asking just as juicy questions and me trying to come up with answers that will satisfy her. I always pick Truth, and she always picks Dare. I find that I’m not very good at coming up with challenging dares, so at one point Leigh starts to make up her own. She’s more than fair, however; she makes herself do some pretty horrible stuff.
  11. We’ve been playing the game for about an hour when Leigh asks me to give her a scary dare. “You know, have me do something that’ll make me wet my pants. Terrify me,” she elaborates. “I don’t know…” I begin, but Leigh cuts me off. “Don’t you want to see me scared? Okay, here’s one! How about this—I go into your bathroom with the lights completely off so it’s pitch black and stay in there for…let’s see....five minutes. Sound good to you?” I nod, knowing if I say no she’ll do it anyway. I don’t know why she wants to be scared, but Leigh’s Leigh, I guess.
  12. We head down the hallway towards my bathroom. Leigh grins at me before opening the door up slowly. Inside, it’s solid black; I can’t see a single thing. Leigh gets out her phone and sets the timer for five minutes. “Press this button as soon as I shut the door, okay?” she asks. I nod, my finger hovering in the air near her phone, ready to get this over with. She carefully steps back and shuts the bathroom door just as I press the button like she instructed.
  13. I’m not sure what I expect, but nothing happens. I hear Leigh shuffling around inside, and then a thud as she sits down somewhere. It’s silent after that, and the seconds tick away. I start getting bored and am about to call out to Leigh when her angry voice cuts through the air. “Not funny, Shae!” she snaps. I’m confused. “What are you talking about? I’m not doing anything!” I defend. I hear Leigh’s muffled snort of disbelief. “I don’t know how you got in here without me seeing, but seriously—get your hand off my arm!” she exclaims.
  14. I roll my eyes. “Leigh—listen to my voice. I’m outside of the bathroom. I’m not touching your arm.” I don’t know why she’s saying that, but she’s being stupid. I’m about to tell her so when the light flicks on, followed by a piercing scream. The bathroom door flies open, nearly hitting me. Leigh runs out, crying; I’m bewildered. “What’s wrong? What happened?” I ask desperately, trying to calm her down. “There’s a—something—in there! A little girl!” she screams, panicked. “A little girl?” I ask. “What did she look like?” Dread is creeping up on me gradually as my brain starts putting two and two together. “I don’t know! Maybe seven or eight, pale, dark hair?! I don’t care! I’m leaving!” Leigh runs out the front door and into the night, not even grabbing her things, and I don’t try to stop her. I’ve finally accepted the truth. I’m being haunted by Sydney’s ghost. But the question remains the same: why?

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