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  • Why is Sydney haunting you? Now this is scary and I'd like to see more of your writing. I feel extremely sorry for Shae not having anyone to talk to. She doesn't seem like a loner, it's just as she said. She shuts everyone out completely. Sometimes I wish I could do that but I never really get the courage because I get sick if I keep things coped up too long. Anyway, jump to the sky! x

  • its soooo scary!!!!! i love it!!! but its kinda creepy cause im reading it at night when cats keep sneaking into my backyard in the dark. you have amazing writing skills. keep going. and you dont have to but just my own little interest, you should add a little romance. but i loooovvvveeeee ittt!!! :D

  • It is sad that Shae has no one she can confide in about her problems, and Leigh was just severely freaked out, so that's a no... dealing with Sydney's ghost all alone, now that is scary... good part :) Part 5!


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