How Ann Arbor are you?

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There are many towns in America, but none as nearly as great as Ann Arbor. But do you really know all that you think you do about this place? Take the quiz and find out!

How Ann Arbor are you? Have you joined with this town since a young age? Have you been all over this magical land and experienced all it has to give? Many have not, but perhaps you are different!

Created by: hocus_pocus75

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you gay, bisexual, transgender, a cross dresser, or something of that sort?
  2. What is the Diag?
  3. I went to/go to Pioneer, Huron, Skyline or Community.
  4. Are you an Atheist or an Agnostic?
  5. What time of year is the Art Fair always held?
  6. Are you a liberal?
  7. I often find myself talking about penises
  8. I have been to the Hash Bash at least once
  9. What is Pinball Pete's mascot?
  10. I am a vegetarian
  11. I have personally painted the Rock atleast once
  12. Ann Arbor has two MAIN movie theaters, one of them is the Showcase, and the other is..
  13. You, or someone you know, drives a hybrid car.
  14. What was Kids Kingdom?
  15. Where is the Neutral Zone located?
  16. You've been to Pioneer's carnival atleast TWICE
  17. Middle Earth is..

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Quiz topic: How Ann Arbor am I?