How much do you know about baseball

Baseball is one of America's greatest pastimes. Histoty could be made, family moments will come. Great things happen in America's greatest pastime!!!!

How much do you know about this wonderful sport. Do you have the knowledge to stay on or hop on the bandwagon of America's greatest pastime, or will I have to kick you off.

Created by: T-Man

  1. What are the two leages initials?
  2. There are three minor league groups. What are they?
  3. When was the World series first played?
  4. Who won the first World series?
  5. Who won the most World Serieses?
  6. Who used to be a team but isn't anymore?
  7. Who was the old team replaced by?
  8. Albert Pujols (Pooholes) is in what position.
  9. Roy Halladay is in what position.
  10. Albert Pujols is what number in the top five MLB players.
  11. Roy Halladay is what number in the top 5?
  12. There is how many teams in the MLB.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about baseball