Which revolutionary from the musical Hamilton are you?

This quiz takes place in the revolutionary war. America and France vs. England. Spoiler alert: America wins. They start a new nation. A very big part of the musical is about this war.

Are you a revolutionary? Which one ARE you? Laurens? Washington? You will notice I use only the main heroes in the war represented by Hamilton. Keep in mind, in this quiz takes place during the war!

Created by: Angelica

  1. What do you think of slavery?
  2. Where do you stand?
  3. Fight for Freedom?
  4. How would people describe you?
  5. Are you a loyal friend?
  6. Job?
  7. Rate your craziness/intensity/powerfulness etc. on a scale from 1 to 10:
  8. Just choose a phrase that describes you:
  9. Which word would describe you? (Choose wisely, think about previous questions)
  10. England?

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Quiz topic: Which revolutionary from the musical Hamilton am I?