How Cambridge Are You?

There are many cities and towns in Massachusetts and they all have their subtle charms. But we all know Cambridge hands down is the best. How well do you know the Bay State's best place to live?

Do you know Cambridge? If so prove it. How Cambridge are you? Take this quiz and find out. Maybe you'll learn a little more about the City of Squares.

Created by: skypilot_dlm
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  1. What does C.R.L.S. stand for
  2. Harvard Square, what is it?
  3. Harvard University is in Boston. True or False.
  4. How many squares are in Cambridge?
  5. M.I.T. is in Cambridge. True or False?
  6. Cambrige is also known as:
  7. Cambridge, Massachusetts was named in honor of Cambridge, England. True of False?
  8. Cambridge is in which county?
  9. How many Red Line stops are in Cambridge?
  10. Cambridge natives and residents are known as:
  11. Cambridge was once known as Newtone. True or False.

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Quiz topic: How Cambridge am I?