Which guy is your dream guy?Part 9

Hi guys!Oh,btw,the crowbar part,i got from 'we don't curse'on youtube!Please look it up to understand.Oh my fav guy is Zack!Than it's Andrew!See ya soon!

bfbbfbfjebfhejustin burke rocks check out his channel please!! bfsjbfbfhbfbfh bfjwbfbfhf fbjhhe is so hot!and not bad at singing!bfjsvhsvhsvhvhvhvvhvvhvhvsv

Created by: MayRose
  1. You arrive at the pool.But you don't see Austin or Andrew.It's Heathe.He looks furious.His red eyes look like they are full of FIRE!He smiles when he sees you,but,it's an angry kind of smile."Hey there doll face!I'm still waiting for my kiss."Then he looks serious."And I will get it."You've had enough of this!You scream at the top of your lungs and run!He runs across the side of the pool.You run even faster,but slip on some water!He catches up to you,and grabs your arm!You try and break free,but at the same time,a black van appears.3 guys get out of the van,and gra you from Heathe!They throw you in the back of the van!Heathe climbs into the passenger seat.
  2. As,they pull away,you see all of your 4 guys,outside the glass door that leads to the pool.They witnessed the whole thing,they heard your scream,and came to your rescue,but now,they're just speechless.
  3. You don't remember what happened next because you black out.Apparently,someone didn't want you finding your way back,so they hit you on the head,which made you black out.
  4. When you wake up,you're in a jail cell,but you notice,that this jail,is old,it's abandoned.You try and open the door but two things occur to you.One,your head is bleeding,two,the doors locked."Hey ______."You know that voice.You look around in pure horror!It's Heathe!He's sitting in a chair in the corner of the cell.
  5. You back up to the back of the cell.You notice the other 3 guys are outside the cell.You are just speechless,no you're also terrified.You are frozen in place.Heathe comes over to you."Aw baby,your head is bleeding.Hey Nick,hand me a cloth.""Sure thing boss,"He says with a grin.He hands Heathe a wet washcloth.
  6. "Here _____,you better clean up your head.I don't want that getting infected,do I?"He says.You grab the wash cloth from his hand and gently start cleaning your head.After you're done cleaning your head,You hand Heathe the cloth."Hey,Jerry,can you go clean this off?Oh and Johnson,could you get _____ her breakfast?"They both nod and leave the room.Heathe looks at Nick and nods his head toward the door,Nick smiles,and winks.
  7. Heathe sits next to you,he looks you in the eyes,and tries to kiss you!You slap his face."What was that for!"He yells."I don't wanna kiss you Heathe!When will you get that out of your head!"You yell at him.He looks raging mad!He slaps you across the face,and ties your hand behind your back."I WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL I GET MY KISS!"he yells at you.He slaps your face again.
  8. Johnson comes in with your breakfast,but Heathe says to keep it on the table,he says that you dont deserve breakfast right now."Are you sure boss?How about some water for her?She may have a heat stroke."He says looking at you concerned.
  9. "She,isn't behaving.We must leave her alone for now.I'll meet you outside johnson."Heathe leaves the room."Hi _____,i'll make this quick,I'll give you some water,but don't tell,"He says.You nod,and say thanks.He leaves you with some water,you take a sip,and then hide it.
  10. After a couple minutes,Heathe comes back inside.You don't know,because you've fallen asleep.He comes in,and quickly kisses your cheek.He slips something on your ankle.Than he leaves.He doesn't return until later,when you're awake.
  11. You wake up to a crash coming form outside.None of your kidnappers are in the room,so they don't hear it.You look out the bar jail window and see your guys!Zack,Andrew,Austin,and Blaze are right outside the window!"We've come to rescue you!"Zack whispers."From that big bad Heathe!"Andrew whispers."And save the damsel in distress,"Says Blaze."And too save the day!"Austin says.
  12. "How will I get out of this cell?"You say."We came prepared,"Zack smirks,he takes out a crowbar!He breaks through the bars,like their butter."Uh,guys,one problem."You say."Whats that?"Andrew says."I'm-umm-kinda tied up."You're sorta embarrassed."Oh,it's okay,"Blaze says.He climbs into the cell,but before he unties you,he gives you a quick kiss,winks,and THAN unties you.
  13. You wink back and climb out the window.When you jump you land harder than you expected to.You look at your ankle,and see a big iron anklet!You don't think about it and run with the guys.You go about five yards until you suddenly feel an electric shock!You jolt backards and hit a tree!At the same time,an alarm goes off.
  14. Sorry for ending on a cliffhanger!Anyways,who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 9