2:16 in the Morning p.5

Part 5! I'm sorry but from now on the quizzes will be 14-18 questions. This part is very intense and I hope that you enjoy it very much. Stay tuned for part 6.

Zach, Andrew, Dylan, ________ or __________. Find out who you like and who the new guys are in this part with some surprising and shocking twists!!!!!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. The doorbell rings. A guy about 19 years of age with brown hair and purple eyes is standing in front of you. "Hi. I'm Connor. I'm delighted to meet you."
  2. He walks in and you don't know why. Zach walks in and he says "oh, I see you've met our new werewolf, Connor. He can also change th color of his eyes. He turns his eyes from purple to light green back to purple.
  3. As you're starting to get to know Connor, you hear another doorbell ring. Dylan runs to answer it. "Hey Jordan." you hear him say. He walked in with a blonde haired boy. His eyes were green then suddenly turned blue.
  4. "Whoa! How did you do that?" you asked. "I need to keep my eyes looking normal because they'd turn black but they still change according to the sun." "Cool!" you exclaim as you walk to get an apple. An alarm suddenly goes off. "Everyone OUT!" shrieked Andrew.
  5. You run out the front door but one of the hooligans is there. "Everyone go out the back door, I got this." said Jordan. As you ran to the back door you turned back and saw Jordan biting one of the hooligans neck. You run to the back door and another hooligan's there. "Go on to the other passage." said Connor and he jumped on top of the hooligan and started scratching him. You run to the secret passage. You start walking into the passage. Dr. Richards is there.
  6. "I've been waiting for you guys." He snatched you and everything turns black. You can only hear now. After a while, the light comes back. "Hello" you hear Dr.Richards voice but you don't see him.
  7. Dr. Richards appears and close behind him is Stephano.
  8. "Hello Anna." said Stephano and Dr. Richards at the same time. "It's ironic. I capture you, then you escape and it keeps on going back and forth. And we have two new member to our team."
  9. "Right after what happened with Roger, Stephano came running towards us."
  10. "He begged and begged until he proved to me that he was worthy of joining my team. then right after I captured you the strangest thing happened. What of the guys on your team joined my team.
  11. He is very useful now that he is on my team. The person who joined my team is
  12. Yes! CLIFFHANGER! Who will join their team?

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