The Flirting Game 6

Really sorry about what happened with my last quiz The Flirting Game 5. And ignore the stay tuned for part 6 in your results. I meant stay tuned for part 7.

Please make sure you have taken my first quizzes before you take this one. And please try out my other quizzes. Remember to rate and comment. Enjoy. ;)

Created by: random person
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. Do you like my quizzes so far?
  3. Will you be an author someday like me?
  4. Do you like your person so far?
  5. Have you taken my other quizzes?
  6. If not, then here are some of them, What are your special dating traits, how much do you know about using a public restroom, and the confession game
  7. Do you like mayo?
  8. Do you want chocolate right now?
  9. Do you like chicken?
  10. Will you stay tuned for part 7?

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