The Flirting Game 10

Please make sure you have taken my last quizzes The Flirting Game 1-9 before you take this one. I hope you'll like it!

This will be the last part. They all end with a kiss and the guys end up loving you. Comment and rate and tell me if I should make a boy version story or make multiple endings so that you'll be able to do the quiz instead of just seeing a whole bunch of this kdjflsjfd. Enjoy!

Created by: 54packers

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  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. These will be my last parts :')
  3. Should I make another one but a little bit different?
  4. Will you try my other quizzes?
  5. jlksj
  6. kfjdls
  7. fjks
  8. fsjl
  9. kjfls
  10. Well, I guess I can't say stay tuned anymore... But I can still say stay tuned for my next quizzes :)

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