Your Love Story Part 1

This is your love story.You decide your outcome.Decide between 4 guys.It's a hard decision to make.But luckily I will choose for you.Who will be your dream guy?

I wonder who will you get.You've just moved to a new school and four guys seem to be interested in you.I have to decide between them.I hard decision.Stay in tuned for part 2!

Created by: Erika

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  1. You've just moved towns, so your starting a new school.You drive to your new school and once you get there your nervous.You sit there for a while observing everything.It seems like everything's colourless."Ugh" you say under your breath.You get out of your car and stand there, again observing everything.You see 4 cute guys in the parking lot but you ignore them.You forgot that you left your jacket in the car you lean in to get it but... Ow! You hit the back of your head.It really hurts.You feel like your going to cry, but try not to.You don't want to cry and have everyone see it before they even know your name.You touch where you hit your head, it's bleeding."Oh my god" you say to yourself.Half a second you realised you were bleeding.A hot guy comes up to you."Hey! Are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard.Everyone is wondering if the new girl is OK".You don't say anything, you just touch the back of your head with your other hand and show him that your bleeding."Oh my God! You have to get to the nurse!" he says kinda loud.Then he helps you get there.
  2. You get to the nurses office."Nurse Nancy, this girl hit her head on her car and now she's bleeding"The guy says sounding worried.You give up and let the tears run down your cheeks."You sob into the guys chest.You realise he has a six pack, but it hurts too much for you to focus.The nurse takes you carefully "Are you OK honey?" she asks.'If I'm bleeding out of my head how can I be OK?' you think to yourself.Nurse Nancy looks at your head "Jeez, sweetie you hit your head hard didn't you?"she says."Yeah" you can just about say "I'm such a cluts".She puts a bandage on your head and gives you an ice pack."OK honey once you feel better you can go to class".About 15 minutes later she prepare to leave.Your suprised to see that the guy is waiting for you."Hey thanks for waiting for me" you say."It's OK I mean it would be really jerkish if I just left.By the way I'm John"he says."I guess so" you say.John helps you get to class "Thanks John" you say."No thanks needed, anyway I need to get to class.See you at lunch"He says and you head to spanish
  3. You walk in the class room. It's like everyone is waiting for you,waiting to see what happened.Of course, everyone had seen how you hit your head.The teacher makes you Introduce yourself.Your kinda shy so you decide to be funny."Hi, I'm _________ ummm...I'm new and er... I hit my head so badly that started to bleed."A few people start laughing softly."OK you can sit down now, right next to Jake over there" The teacher says.He points to this super hot tanned guy.Your eyes widened and you look down embarrassed that he saw your expression.You sit down next to Jake and sigh."Hey _______,I'm jake.As beautiful as you are,you look pretty bad.You hit your head really hard didn't you". he says."Yeah I'm so clumsy" you say."So how did that happen... you know, how you nearly killed yourself, hehe"he asks."It's not that bad, but I er... tried to lean in to get my jacket and well I didn't see and I hit my head" you respond."Are you okay?"he asks "Yeah fine,I just wish I could have gotten my jacket, I'm freezing"you respond."Oh! You can borrow my jacket, sorry if it's kinda big and boyish.I know you girls don't like boyish things, especially clothes".He says."Nah, it's OK I have one exactly like this at home.Plus I'm kinda a tomboy".You grab his jacket and put it on."Thanks" you say."No problem.I mean you know what they say, you can't let a pretty girl who's hit her head freeze"He responds.You laugh and blush
  4. After class finishes, you prepare to give Jake is jacket back even though your still cold."Don't worry, you can give me it back at the end of the day.You still look cold" he grabs your hand "Jeez, your hand feels like ice"He says.You blush "Thanks, Jake"you say. "The blush in your cheeks will help you warm up faster hehe"he says".You blush even more now and walk to the cafeteria and look for John.
  5. You find John and sit next to him "Hey" you say."Hey______, These are my friends" he says.You see 2 guys and 2 girls."These two girlie girls are Emma and Claire.And these guys are Daniel and Eric" he says."Hey ______ we heard about your head,I bet that must of hurt" Emma says."Heard or Saw" you say in a low voice.Why is everybody talking about your injuries.They all laugh."Your injuries are like all the gossip today.And I thought your arrival would be crazy.When everybody new you were coming, no one would shut up about it" Claire says."Hey were you wearing that jacket before?It's a bit big on you isn't it?"John asks.'How observant is he' you think to yourself, and your kinda flattered."Uh, no this is Jakes jacket.He let me borrow it cuz I was cold"you respond."I bet with your beauty every guy would let you borrow they're jacket"Daniel says.You blush."Stop it Dan! Your making her blush, don't you think she's had enough of us harassing her already"Eric says.You look down at the table embarrassed but at the same time flattered.
  6. After school you head home.When you came through the door your mum started fussing and worrying about you head injury but you reassure her that It's no big deal.You head I to your room to do your homework, you have so much of it."Hey, Honey, I'm heading out to get some things OK I be back in like an Hour"your mum yells from the bottom of the stairs."OK" you yell back.You hear the door slam.After twenty minutes you've just finished your homework and you go downstairs to watch TV.After 5 minutes you hear the door knock.You go to look through the peep hole.It's Jake.You wonder how he knew where you live but don't bother to ask. You open the door."Hey Jake, what are you doing here?" you ask."I came to get my jacket" he responds. "Oh! Sorry I forgot. It's upstairs.Come on up" you say.You guys head up to your room.You look through your drawers until you find it."Here.Sorry I forgot" you say. "It's fine".You touch the back of your head feeling your scab and bump."Can I see... you know... your head?" He asks."Ummm... OK".You turn around and he moves your hair and looks at it."It's not too bad.I've seen worst"he says.You turn around to find that his face is inches from yours.You pause and then leans in so your noses are touching.You lean in to try and kiss him but he pulls aways.He coughs nervously and scratches the back of his head."Er, yeah so I'll see you tomorrow" he says,even though tomorrow is Saturday.Then he leaves your room as you just stand there, motionless
  7. The next day you decide to go to the library.You go to the books and scan through the titles."Twilight,The days end,Terry the Unicorn..."You whisper to yourself.You see a book that catches your fancy and you try to get it out but you drop it.When your about to lean down and get it you see someone else's hands get it.You look up. It's Eric.He cute with his strawberry blonde hair and golden brown eyes."Here" he says."Er, Thanks Eric" you say. "You remember me?"He asks."Of course I'm not a jerk"You laugh.You guys start talking and you prepare to leave.But before you get to the door..."Wait" Eric says."You turn around and wait for him to speak."So I was wondering if you wanted to er, I dunno, like go out sometime" he asks."Ummm...Eric I'm flattered really, but I just got here and with my head to top it off,I'm not really sure if I should..."you respond."Oh, never mind then.Maybe another time yeah?"he says.He didn't sound mad at all."Yeah definitely another time" you reassure him.You wave goodbye at him and head to your car.
  8. You head home in your car and when your just about there, you see Daniel standing outside your house leaning against the wall.This is so weird.What does he want? You step out of your car."Hey Daniel, what are you doing here" you ask."Oh I live right Up the street and my mum got mail that was for your mum because they have the same name"he says."And you couldn't leave it in the mail box?"You say laughing.You trip and before you could fall he catches you.You blush"Well I did kinda wanna see you..."he says."Oh..."you say.You looks at the time on his watch ."Oh Crap! I had to be home like half an hour ago, I'll see you Monday"He says and then he kisses you on the cheek and runs home.You touch the cheeks where he kissed you and look at him running home.
  9. Stay tuned for part 2!
  10. Ready to see who you got?

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