Middle School Love story Part 1

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As you know, love influences many experiances that we humans have. Most of our music is about love, our poems about love, LOVE LOVE LOVE! however... In this first part to the quiz, you will be a middleschooler.

Who is your middle school relationship with? It's YOUR choice. This story will keep you entertained and entranced with all of the details and drama!

Created by: Alex13writer

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  1. It's your first day in your new middle school. You just moved here and you are just on the bus when someone trips you. You look up and see a boy with dark brown hair and eyes. He offers you a hand but you are already standing. "My apologies. I'm Danny" You...
  2. You find a seat and sit, but the bus hits a bump and all of your papers fly to the floor. You are about to pick them up when another hand reaches for them. You look to your left and see a boy with brown hair and captivating but hidden eyes. " You don't have to do that." You say. "It's my pleasure" he responds. "My name is Sam"
  3. You are wandering through the hallway when you run into someone. They immediately apologize. You look up and see that it is ANOTHER Good looking guy! "Sorry About that" You say, completely confused why you are running into all of the cute guys in school. "Are you trying to find your class? I can help" You are too entranced to decline so you end up being walked to class by a boy who's name is apparently Andrew.
  4. You are inside the class room and wave goodbye to Andrew who's gorgeous'y stunning blonde shaggy hair flops away. You go to sit down when you realize that there is yet another goodlooking dude next to you! He offers help with your biology homework, saying his name is Brian. He has nice orange hair and a sweet smile
  5. After your biology class, you go to your locker and put your books away. Right before you leave, you remember your lunch for second period but as you remove your hand from the locker, the someone leans on the door and your finger is closed into it. You scream! "Holy s---! I am so sorry!" You turn around and see a familiar face. It's that kid Danny from the bus! Since you are in too much pain to swoon, you scream again. This time he asks your locker code and you reply "six twelve twenty-eight" He frantically punches it in and rushes with you to the nurses office.
  6. Once you are in the nurses office, Danny is dismissed and the nurse calls your mother to take you to the hospital. ONce she arrives, you are told to meet her in the front of the building. While wandering through the halls (again) trying to find the front, you see Sam and ask him for directions. He escorts you to the front as you soon realize that you have forgotten your books. Sam says he'll retrieve them for you. You tell your mom you'll be there in a second but you are in serious pain.
  7. While waiting for Sam, you start to look around in the halls at the lockers and while turning around, you are suprised by a tap on your back. "Hey, are you lost again?" Andrew asks. "No, Danny broke my fingers." You reply relieved that he was someone you knew. "That's awful. You okay?" "No" "Well, have fun in the hospital!" He walks away
  8. Brian walks by and grabs your attention by handing you your calculus homework. He then offers you some help, which you decline because of the pain in your fingers.
  9. You return from the hospital with four broken fingers. THe nurse gives you a late pass to all of your classes and the oppurtunity to select someone to help you write and such. At the moment you wait to choose someone. Inside your locker, you find a note. "Dear _____ I hope your fingers are alright. Let me know if you need anything. Meet me on the soccer field after school tomorrow, there is something that I need to tell you. Yours truly,
  10. End of first quiz. Tune in next time. Rate and comment! I really need to know if I should make more!

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