Middle School Love Story Part 2

Oh my gosh-I'm so glad you decided to take this quiz!! Well there are 3 guys so you decide who is prince charming. Jake-jockish and dirty blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes. Kyle-class clown with a smile to die for. Doug-emo that has cute brown hair that has bangs tha cover one eye. Hope you enjoy. This is my official 2nd quiz after my first one. (which is Middle School Love Story Part 1)

Are you the one for him? Well take this to find out! Also stay tuned for part 3 which is coming out VERY soon! Don't feel afraid to leave a suggestion!! I love you all! If you want me to continue, Please comment! long random- love big time rush american idol. singing pie cheese cut the diary of wimpy kid duck duck junk food kareoke

Created by: Rockstar123
  1. -Recap-Jake tells you he loves you and leans in for a kiss when the door blew open!
  2. You see Kyle stand at the doorway. Jake whispers to you, "Look,________, I want to tell you something. Come over to my house today." He gives you his address and suprizes you with a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then you look over at Kyle (whos sitting next to you) and he screams, "ATTENTION ATTENTION!! KYLE IS HERE!!!!!" You giggle and Jake looks a little jealous and rolls his eyes.
  3. Kyle looks satisfied that you think he's funny. He put his arm around you and snaps your bra. "You miss me babe?" He says and you yelp and run to the bathroom.You fix yourself up and go back. But, you hide near the door and listen to the boy's conversation. "Dude, not cool' for what you did to _______." Jakes says. "Who are you, my mom? And besides, I couldn't resist it." answers Kyle. You could see that Jake looks ticked that Kyle is still calm as if this happens everyday. "Well still, you should apologize." says Jake. Kyle now looks angry. "Ok, I will! Don't tell me what to do!" exclaims Kyle. Jake says, "Oh and say it like you mean it." Now, Kyle is pissed. "At least I'M not the one who took turns dating Alexis, Sydney, and Stephanie!!!!" Silence.
  4. You decide to walk in to break the silence. "Hii!!" you say playfully. "Kyle has something to say," says Jake.-Uh oh,you think in your mind- "Yeah and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're being b*tchy today,_____.You can't even take a joke!" Kyle says giving you a glare. You look shocked. But you don't take your anger out. You just get up and walk to the back of the room.
  5. After this, you ditch class. Why? Bc you obviously don't know where your next class is. You decide to walk around the school's fields and suprizingly, you see Doug sitting under a tree with his eyes closed. At first, you thought he was sleeping but as you walk closer, he opens his eyes. You sit down next to him. 5 minutes of awkwardness pass while you're sitting next to him. Finally, he asks, "______, your first day here and you are ditching class?" You feel embarrassed and say--
  6. I couldn't find my class. "Well, why are you ditching class?" you say with a friendly smile. He doesn't smile or answer back. How rude you think. "Soooo..." you mutter. "If you are not doing anything, you should leave," He says. "Uhh..."you say. Then, he walks away. You just sit there--
  7. When you walk into the school, Jake saw you and smiled. He says,"Are you still coming to my house?" You say "Yeah I guess." You two walk to his house. Inside, he says to you, "________, I love you." He pins you to the wall and kisses you. "But you just me today!" You say. "Well, I'll live." He says kissing you in between the words. He trips and fall on you.
  8. He finally stops and says, " I'm sorry, if you weren't ready, I shouldn't of kissed you. You say--
  9. "It's Ok." you say. As he was ABOUT to get off you, the blew open with his mom staring at him on you.
  10. -------------CLIFFHANGER!!!!-------------- lol you must hate me now cuz i interupted ur story.
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