Educational Love part 2

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Unfortunately, I needed to change the name, but no problem. If you weren't here for the first, please take "Middle School Love Story Part 1" Hope you like!

See how your love life develops in this quiz that I worked extremely hard on. Please rate and comment so I know if I should make more! Alex13writer

Created by: Alex13writer
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  1. Just so you know, This quiz was originally Middle School Love Story but we had complications soooo.... Here we are.
  2. Take the first quiz but just so you know, You just got a letter in your locker and were about to read who it's from.(Take the first quiz)
  3. "Sincerely, Danny"
  4. You head to your biology class and recieve some help from Brian, who asks you what you are doing after school today. You lie and tell him you have a soccer game. He offers to go because he plays aswell but you tell him that it's okay. He says okay, almost positive that you are hiding something.
  5. While trying to find a seat in lunch, you see Andrew who invites you to take a seat with him and Sam. "What school did you used to go to?" Sam asks you appearing to believe it to be a joke. "Panama Avenue" You reply. "Just then You get soaked with chocolate milk and turn to see Andrew soaked too. Only someone was ppushing him.
  6. Just then you make the biggest mistake ever. You get up and kick the bully where it hurts. He screams a curse and lunges for you. Sam jumps up and knocks him a side with unbelievable force but he runs away. You fall to the ground and pass out. The last image you see is the four guys rushing from different parts of the caffeteria.
  7. You wake up in the nurse's office with a headache but she dismisses you, saying you passed out from dehydration. You attend all of your classes but none of the guys show up anywhere. You are still confused with what happened in lunch. Dehydration? You're not sure, but you are almost done with class and will be seeing Danny after school.
  8. You are heading to the soccer field when you hear voices coming from the far goal. You duck behind the trash can and listen in. "WHat on Earth were you thinking?" "You could've exposed us all" "She was in extreme danger, what was I supposed to do?" "He's right. Wouldn't you have done the same" "Either way, she's coming at any second and we've gotta go" You are wondering what they had to hide. As they walk by you duck behind the garbage cans. You wait but then you approach Danny.
  9. "hey Danny" you say, hoping he doesn't know that you were eavesdropping. "hey. we need to talk. Remember how in my note, I said I needed to tell you something?" "Yeah" "well, I...
  10. Stay tuned and comment, I need to know if I should make more!

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