my love life part 9

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heeey!!!! wazzup?! okay the three new girls are these girls. you can match them with the description i gave in part 8. if you need any help though, on the left: Brittney, middle: Claire, right:Arietta. by the way, i'm sorry if it was not very comprehensible! i'm writing in a rush before my parents bust me! jajaja!!!

are you ready for part 9? shout out to StarMaya for being the 1st to comment and give suggestions in part 8!! thanks!! your idea was genius! i'm glad you gave me this. for the rest, i'd appreciate it if you did the same as her!!

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. you left off at: you suggested to do karaoke and everyone agreed. you showed off your mad singing skills but then something knocked down the door. you all turned around to see...
  2. the queen!! she barged into the house and you all stared at her in shock. you were the first to attack and you threw a flaming ball of fire at her. sadly, she turned it into ice and threw it back at you. it hit you right on the head and you saw was her touch Alex, and he fell to the ground in about 5 seconds(complements of StarMaya) after a bright green glow. Tony grabbed you and carried you up the stairs. you started to feel very dizzy because of that ice ball.
  3. you tightened your grip on the back of his neck and he took you down into a secret tunnel. he took you into a room that needed a finger scan to get into. he put you on a stone bed.
  4. you bent the bed to your liking. your head started to feel like it was pounding. you looked around the room and found a mirror. you looked into it and found yourself with a huge bleeding cut in your head.
  5. you touched your head and found a freezing cold ice dagger. you are too scared to take it out. Tony says, "o my gosh. hold on Jules okay? you'r gonna be alright. don't go to sleep!" then you just feel so tired that its exactly what you do. everything is so blurry. your hearing is very fuzzy and He is freaking out. you don't know what else to do that you close your eyes and black out.
  6. you wake up in your bed but you can't open your eyes. your head doesn't hurt but you can't get that image of you in the mirror out of your head. you hear Alex's voice. he's asking Aaron something. "is she up yet?" Alex asks. "No". Aaron answers. "how 'bout now?" "nah" "now?" Alex questions again. " yeah!" Aaron answers in a happy tone. "really?" asked Alex. then Aaron said, "Nah man! why you always asking questions? let her sleep!" you start to laugh. and you finally opened your eyes. you saw Aaron and Tony in the corner with a green glow coming out of a wand healing him.
  7. Zera just walked into the room with someone you haven't seen or heard of in the past few quizzes. guess who?
  8. John! he comes into the room with his arm around her. he looks a little weak but he looked content when Zera took his hand and led him to a chair. you rolled your eyes and quickly stood up. tony finished healing Aaron and then he ran to you. the second you were on foot you felt a burning feeling in your leg and nearly fell down.
  9. Lucky for you, Tony caught you and put you back on your bed. you looked down and found that your leg had a huge cut and Melting ice in it. you growled and summoned a flower from the grass-like carpet. you first melted the ice, ripped off a flower pedal, kissed it, and finally dragged it along the the cut. next thing anyone knows, your cut is healed. tony quickly healed John and asked, "how did you do that?" you replied, "i can talk to rose in my head. rose is the first flower that i met during training and she told me to do that. like other medicine, you can get them from plants. so using magic along with plants, i healed my self. no idea how, but i did." you said smiling. you checked the time, it was 5:00 in the morning!!
  10. " What are we all awake for at this time?" you ask. Zera answers, "the fight ended like 2 hours ago. would you like to know what happened?"
  11. you nod and Zera smiles to start, "okay, when Alex blacked out, Aaron turned into a tiger and started to attack.sadly, she bent the metal and choked him. then she stabbed the metal n his stomach." you widened your eyes and looked over to Aaron. he gave a pained expression but when he noticed you were looking, he smiled. Z continued, "that's when i attacked but she also has the power of darkness. she made it way too dark for me to even see but with my future seeing power, i could see when she was going to attack. after i broke her rib, she fled the house and everything went back to normal. Alex woke up and i went to get you guys. Tony brought you up here. he's been healing ever since and now we're here".
  12. you get curious and ask, "oh. okay. wait a minute, how'd you find John? and could you state all of the queen's powers please? what's her name?"
  13. Aaron answers, "oh! Andrew barged in a while after threatening to kill him unless we gave you up. that's when i bit his disgusting arm and he fled along with the queen." then Alex said, "her powers are poison touch, force, metal bending, ice, darkness." then Tony said, "she has no name. she accidentally killed her parents when she was born. she died after a few hours because she was not fed. however, her power of ice took over her heart. she found Andrew as a vampire not long after she was 20. he took her to the queen and She killed her taking the throne for being the most powerful person in the world. that was until you were discovered. now she wants to kill you." Zera decided, "okay, now its early, lets go to sleep. we'll wake you up when breakfast is ready." she smiled and you nodded. you went back to sleep to have the same nightmare. you woke up this time with more control and Aaron came into the room. "oh, you'r awake. well, get dressed. breakfast will be ready soon. hope you like waffles. scream if anything goes wrong." you smile and get out of bed. you went to him and gave him a big hug. he hugged you back. you just felt like you wanted to melt in his arms. even if you don't like Aaron, he sure had bid muscles and they were around you waste good and tight. then his voice came into your head saying, thanks your not so bad yourself." you couldn't help but laugh and push him away. he started to apologize but then you slammed the door in his face playfully. you heard him laugh and walk away.
  14. you got dressed in whatever and went downstairs to the smell of waffles. Aaron said, "hey there beautiful!" Alex smiled and said, "good morning." and tony said in his hot-like accent, "buongiorno, splendida." which means "good morning, gorgeous" in Italian. you blushed and sat beside Zera and Alex. you all ate and laughed. it was a good morning.
  15. you got to school and everything was peaceful. it was lunch and you went to the bathroom because your 6th period teacher doesn't allow bathroom breaks.
  16. in the bathroom you found the new girls. they were doing their make up and left. arietta bumped your shoulder, Brittney gave you a nasty look, and Claire just followed behind looking down and not looking at you. you did your business and Belinda walked in. you were washing your hands and felt like you lit up. "Bel! i haven't seen you in such a long time!!" you dried your hands but she locks the door and faces you. she gives you an evil smile as her hands start getting a creepy red glow. suddenly, CLIFFHANFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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