my love life part 8

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thank you so much for taking this quiz. the new girls in this quiz will have the picture in part nine. you will see them in the story and more of Zera as well.

i understand that a lot of you girls have felt Intimidated by Zera. some feel threatened especially due to the comments. so, i put in something for all of you to make her okay to you.

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. left off at: on the way to the car you heard someone behind you say, "where do you think your going?" it was a girl's voice and you heard giggling along with that.
  2. you swung around and came to find 3 girls. one blonde with purplish blue eyes, a brunette with brown eyes, and another with short blue hair and green eyes. new girls you assumed. 8th period was almost over. and you guys were leaving 'cuz its like, what's the use? Tony answered, "somewhere. who are you?" the three girls giggled and the green eyed girl whispered in Blondie's ear. the Blondie shook her head and said,"Maybe next time, britt". assuming the green eyes and blue haired girl's name is Brittney, she rolled her eyes. "i'm Arietta, this is Brittney and this is Claire." she said motioning to herself, blue hair, and brunette.
  3. you introduced yourself and the rest motioning to each person, "i'm Julia, this is Zera, Alex, Aaron, and Tony." Brittney stepped up to Tony and started playing with his shirt. then she started working up a flirt, "hey hot stuff. you're looking pretty good. tell me, how do you say 'show me those abs' in Italian?" you felt your hands start to burn up.
  4. Alex held your hand and his ice cold skin cooled you down to the point where you had to snatch your hand away. then you took a silent deep breath. you looked at brittney and she turned to you. you felt something punch your stomach.
  5. you cowered a bit then shook your head at Aaron. he said, "uh... i'm sorry but we got to get going. she's not feeling well." then Ariette interrupted saying, "Britt! now is not a good moment for that. come on, we have some preps to introduce us to." Brittney looked down and sighed. "see you later, babe. keep up the biceps. haha!" said Brittney. claire just smiled. it seemed like she was going to say something and by the look in her eyes she could've said something nice but then Arietta said, "No Claire." and brittney said," move it ya diphead."
  6. Claire lowered her head and frowned. she slowly followed behind the rest of the girls and you turned to face the car with the rest of the group. "Aaron, anything?" asked Alex. Aaron replied, "Ariette is a vampire, Brittney is a witch and i couldn't get a read on Claire. only her face expression which is more like a prisoner to the other girls.
  7. you smiled but then frowned. poor girl. hanging out with the wrong crowd. then you started chatting with Zera. she told you about herself. her story of being a vampire... what kind of vampire she is, her interests. that kind of stuff.
  8. Everyone wanted to know how she became a vampire. she started to tell the story, "i barely remember anything. but here i go, you see, all i remember is going to a late night boat ride with my boyfriend. he was walking me through a shortcut in an alley. he cornered me and next thing i know i felt excruciating pain in my neck. i woke up in the same alley and i was alone. that's when i realized that i was a vampire and he left me completely. i refused to drink any blood whatsoever. that's when i found out that i was a energy vampire. i take energy from others when i want to." it was such a shocking story but you were happy that she takes energy whenever she wants to. she asked if she could talk with you after she gathers her stuff in her room. you agree and smile.
  9. later on, it was about 9:00 and and everything was peaceful in the house. Zera knocked on the door and came into your room. you both sat down on your bed and she started to talk. "listen, i know that you like the guys a lot. and i really don't know which one you like the most, if you know what i mean but anyway, i am not interested in any of them. they'r all yours. so, if you see me with any of them, not to worry. its fine. i'm irresistible. literally. its one of my powers, along with seeing the future. i'm not a natural flirt. it's just my vampire self." you smiled and asked, "can you control the powers? well, asking out of curiosity" she smiled and answered, " only future seeing. the other goes off as it is." you started to talk and laugh. you fund out that you have a lot of things in common.
  10. you both go downstairs and find that all the guys are there either pigging out or playing video games. you suggest, "hey! the night is young, lets do something different!" the guys give you a confused look. Tony and Alex were playing video games and Aaron was in the kitchen making himself about 7 snacks. you laughed at him and the guys put pause on their game. you saw them turn around and Aron had a mouthful of Cheetos. you suggested to do karaoke and everyone agreed. you showed off your mad singing skills but then something knocked down the door. you all turned around to see... Cliffhangar!!!!!!!!

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