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hiya peoples!! thanks for taking my quizzes. i'm happy you all like them and that your excited for more! if you have any more suggestions, please comment! i'd be happy to read them and its most likely that it will end up here!

hey! are you excited for part 10? how excited? VERY!!! i hope you will comment and rate because i work very hard on these Quizzes. part 11 will be coming soon. (no promises) anyway, i put in a new guy but he's taken. here's his description- reddish brown hair and icy blue eyes. he's fit and strong. he's a where-wolf and his name is Dominick.

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  2. left off at: you were washing your hands and felt like you lit up. "Bel! i haven't seen you in such a long time!!" you dried your hands but she locks the door and faces you. she gives you an evil smile as her hands start getting a creepy red glow. suddenly,
  3. Suddenly, you felt a sharp, cold knife go down your spine. and there was so much more pain that was indescribable. you fell to the ground in pain and agony.
  4. you wanted to scream but the pain was too strong that it stopped you. you couldn't do anything about it. it was way to painful and way too strong. not even in your mind. it was so strong that you couldn't even call Aaron in your mind. all you could think of was the excruciating pain that you felt. you saw someone by the window on the wall separating the bathroom and the emergency building just a few feet away.
  5. it was Zera. she broke the window and charged in. for second there, the pain stopped and you could finally breath. but then Belinda raised a hand up at her and Zera yawned. you thought maybe Belinda has a sleeping power and you thought correctly. Zera collapsed but not before she could secretly unlock the door. the pain came back but not as strong. you could breath and manage a whisper, "Wait. stop. please? why are you doing this?" you ask. she answers scowling at you, "Because i am someone you know. someone who supposedly was your best friend all these years. but no. i am a part of a story no person has ever heard and lived to tell." My mother is on her way. she can explain the rest to you. you will die soon any way. " what she didn't know was that you could manage enough to call for help in your mind. Aaron was soon on his way. just as he told you.
  6. surprisingly, someone else came to help you before anyone else could arrive. Who do you think it is?
  7. Catalina! your other best friend. you were upset to see her because 1st: of all, she too could be your secret enemy and 2nd: she probably doesn't know about the whole powers thing so she could have been totally freaked out!! however, you were wrong. she was your best friend all along. she knew about the whole powers thing. she came in through the same window and landed right in front of you in a protective crouch position. Belinda frowned and stopped her evil power of pain on you. then, she said to Catalina, "what are you doing, Cat?" she replied in her serious voice, "helping out a friend. i was never into your evil scams with your mom. i don't want to hurt her. she's my best friend."
  8. belinda frowned and said, "fine! but know this. no enemy of ours have ever lived to tell the secret of my mother and i. you'r gonna die with the rest of them." this pissed you off and you stood up and stepped in front of cat saying, "i'm gonna tell u once, tell your mom to back off or your gonna be the ones to die." she laughed but then the guys barged in through the windows and Bell fled the room.
  9. you already missed 1 too many days of school so you proceeded to 6th period. the day went on and you could finally go home. you had training again. Aaron said he'd be your power trainer.
  10. Aaron led you down the stairs by hand and into the power training room. there,he said, okay, Jules. today, we'r gonna learn your protective power and water.first water. i want you to empty your mind of all problems. relax. breath. nothing can hurt you. nothing can disturb you. everything is peaceful." his voice was calm. you loved his your mind you heard a soft "thank you" again. you smiled. then he spoke once again with his calm voice. "now, let all that peace and energy out. think about water flowing out of your hands along with relief." you did as he said and next thing you know you did it! you saw a miniature sized fountain in your hand. next thing you know, it got bigger. you turned you hand over so it faced the floor and the water turned to the shape of a lovely sword. you touched grabbed the handle and it was ice. what freaked you out was that it wasn't only ice but hot ice that was still.
  11. then you turned it back to water and imagined it as a fire ball only of water. you wanted to see something. maybe if you throw it at one of the mannequins, you can "drown" it. that might come in handy at a life or death situation. So, you threw the water ball at a mannequin and lifted it slowly in the air. Aaron watched in amazement and exclaimed, "good going Jules! that was great!"you almost dropped it at the sudden sound but caught it and slowly put the mannequin down.
  12. "good! okay, enough with water. now we'll work on protectiveness. you see, this power is to protect you from any harm mentally, and physically. so, i want you to close your eyes and think about your enemies. every one of them. lets say, hhmm... your in a dark alley. its late at night and your alone. all your enemies suddenly appear in front of you. they surround you completely and they start to get closer. that's when you turn on your power. when the touch you, they get electrified. lets try that. i'm one of those enemies. i'm reaching out and right when i touch you, ouch!!" he exclaimed. you opened your eyes and saw his finger in his mouth. then he said, "dang girl! you so hot its shocking!!! that was great!" you lit up laughing. then he continued, "ahem... alright now, i'm trying to get into your mind. i wanna drive you crazy. here, i should just not get in. like nothing is there. its easy, just imagine a force field surrounding your brain." you do as he says and after a while, he said, "nothing. i'm not getting anything. your good you know that?" you nodded in agreement and then said, "the student is only as great as its teacher." then you both laughed because it sounded like that fortune cookie or karate movie stuff.
  13. *FAST FORWARD* you thought you'd make up something different for dinner. then you suggested, "hey! how about we invite Cat and her boyfriend over. I've been waiting to meet him and i haven't seen her in such a long time!" everyone agrees and Alex asked, "what are we going to eat?" that's when Aaron exclaimed excitedly saying, "i can cook! I've been wanting to make my famous albondigas." you widened your eyes in excitement and said, "that's great! i love albondigas!!" Alex asked, "what's Albondigas?" then Z answered, "meatball soup. its really good!" everyone agreed and you dialed the number on the house phone since Andrew broke yours. you chatted for a while then she came over.
  14. over dinner, you all laughed and told jokes and got to meet Cat's boyfriend, Dominick. then they started to tell their story. cat said it, "when i first discovered my powers, i practiced and taught myself. i showed my parents one day and they freaked. that night they left. i woke up the next morning and went downstairs. on the kitchen table, there was a note, a wad of cash, and a necklace with their picture in it.that day, i ran to the woods. i built my own shelter. hunted and picked my own food. pretty much i learned to fend for myself. that's when i found Dominick. i was hunting and i found a wolf. i never tried wolf before. sounded like a new plan. but then, right when i was gonna fire my arrow, two guys grabbed me from behind, took me to a village and sat me down in their house. later on, he walked in and explained he was a where-wolf. I've been living with them ever since.
  15. Dominick explained his story, "i was running in the woods one day, and then i hear a girl scream for help. i followed the voice until it was in my house! i figured the girl would be hot so i stood outside the door for about half an hour trying to look good. when i walked inside the room, half an hour was sure not enough. this girl's tough. i asked her out about 10 times. by the 11nth she finally said,'fine, if it gets you to stop asking me, then sure, ya creep!'"
  16. you guys started cracking up. but then you got curious and asked, "what was Belinda talking about when she said something about her and her mom's secret story?" Catalina answered telling another story," alright so everyone knows the Queen's story, right? well, there's a part missing. you see, on the way to the Queens castle, She felt like she needed a child so she busted into a house and kidnapped Bell and then in her older years, she told Bell that her parents didn't like her because of her powers and gave her away.
  17. suddenly, you heard a window break and footsteps rushing down the stairs. before you can turn around or react to anything, you get sleepy and fall off the chair into deep sleep, only seeing red, glittery lights. CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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