Mountain Love part five

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Commenters! @SparklyScarlett, I'm glad you like it! @_ViolaLover_, sorry you had to wait so long for the next one! @angelic4, Tyler is assured of your affections. XD

So, Take the first parts cause I'm too lazy to re-cap. BTW, in real life, Tyler is with Sarah, but he's single in the story. :) Hope you likey! YAY!!!

Created by: katanasky

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  1. I'm sorry for abandoning this quiz for so long! I got really busy with school and stuff. I would really like suggestions, I'm also very tempted to get rid of Tyler. >:]
  2. After you get home, your parents corner you. "Tell us what's going on ____," your dad says, his arms crossed. "I... um... was out with friends," you say. "Where?" "We got ice cream..." you say. "Anything else?" "Not really..." you answer. "That's not sufficient ____, we need to know where you've been, and who you've been with, and what you're doing." Your mom sets her lips. Great.... "Are you with a gang? Is that why you're dressed like this?" Your mom asks. "No! They're not a gang!" you said. "Your cell phone has been sitting on the coffee table for days, ____, for a teenager, that's just not normal. Your friends have been calling me asking where you were." "Jeez... I just am busy... do you want to meet my friends?" you ask. hey nod vigorously. You grab your phone and go into the bathroom. You set your phone down and ignore it. Focusing all your brain power, you scream in your mind. "GUYS!" Hey, it's all you could think of.
  3. "JEEZ ____! Not so loud!" I yell back. Whoa... we're talking... in our minds. "can you get everyone over to my house? My rents want to meet you." "Sure, give us a second," I answer. "Thanks Katana," you say. "No prob, just, don't tell Tyler that we can, you know, communicate?" "Oh... okay..." "We thought it would be easier... you know, he can be a bug," "Gotcha," you say. "We're coming." I say. You slip your phone in your pocket and walk out of the bathroom. "They're coming." "Good."
  4. Then after a while the door knocks. "Hi Guys..." you answer the door. Keygan winks at you. "Rent problems?" you hear in your mind. You roll your eyes and nod. "Did you tell them?" Xave's voice echos in your mind. You bite your lip sheepishly. He rolls his eyes. "Nice job ____," Roy says sarcastically, in your mind. You stick your tongue out at him. Your parents clear their throats. "Let's go see the jury," you mutter. Tyler grins.
  5. "Mom, Dad, this is Gabe, Katana, Katana's Brother Tyler, Gabe's sister Miki, Sarah, Cheyanne, Keygan, Roy, and Xavier." "Now, tell us what's going on." "We are... um... like a pack... of... um... werehorses?" you stammer. "That's not funny." Tyler phased in front of them. They fainted. "They took that worse than I thought they would," Tyler says. Gabe sends Tyler a glare. "I'll go get Una," he says. Great, bring the sarcastic medicine woman here and you'd never hear the end of it. "I'll go with you!" I say. Tyler makes kissing sounds but stops when I glare at him. So now, it's you, the guys, and the girls standing awkwardly around your parents, passed out on the floor. XD Then the door knocks. You answer it. It's a boy, with honey-brown hair and ice-blue eyes. "Um... hi... is Katana here?" he asks. You shake your head. "Are you ____?" he asks. You nod. "Hi, I'm Jordan," he says. You shake his hand. "He's the newbie," Tyler says. Jordan rolls his eyes. "One day, I was sitting playing video games... the next, I was a horse and fighting evil cougars." Jordan said. Tyler laughs. "Yeah, that's how it goes." "Where were you?" you ask Tyler. "Masturbating!" Keygan shouts. Tyler sends him a withering glare and Mikayla smacks him upside the head. Keygan grinned sheepishly. Tyler rolls his eyes. "I was asleep..." he said. "Asleep?" you ask. "Yup... darn, I missed it, I was asleep. I woke up naked, my clothes ripped to shreds and my bed severly sinking." Then everyone is laughing at Tyler. "You should have seen him that morning." I said as me and Gabe got back with the medicine woman. She pushed through the crowd of kids and scrutinized the rents passed out on the floor. For no reason at all, she glared at Gabe. He sighed. He's the alpha so he usually gets the blame for everything. You watch as she chants something quickly and smacks their foreheads. They sit up and smile at her. "Una, how are you?" they ask. "Hey kids, how have the Tocho Nukpana been lately?" they ask. You blink. "Am I in trouble?" you ask. Your mom smiles like barbie, then shakes her head.
  6. You go to school the next day. You feel uneasy everytime one of the "Wannabes" look at you. Later, in the club hangout over lunch, you ask for the full story. Everyone looks at Gabe expectantly. He sighs. "Okay, back, long before the Palefaces came to our world, spirit warriors..." he starts. Then shakes his head. "Screw this," he mutters, then starts talking normal. "Okay, the cats, they have always been the protectors. They guarded the land. Then, somewhere along the line, they went bad and started ruling the land. We new that the rest of the world did that, had monarchies. Europe you know? So, the elders of each tribe sent their best warriors, who received the power stone. With the power stones, they could phase, and they fought the cougars. They eventually threw them over and the land lived in peace... until other people found this world. Then the warriors had to go into hiding. The cats stopped fighting, because they got what they wanted, government. Rules, we weren't free anymore. Then The elders hid the stones. Now, they are hidden all over the continent. But, the cats have been acting up. Something in our genes were triggered when they found one of their stones. Una gave us each our stones so we can fight them," Gabe said. "Wow... why me?" you say. "It makes mistakes," Tyler said. "Shut it Tyler," Gabe said. "Okay," Tyler grins. "It just... happened to you, and we sensed it." Gabe shrugged. Mikayla groaned. "I'll see you at home Gabe," she mutters and grabs her backpack, before leaving. "Bye Miki," Gabe said. "hey ____?" Tyler asked. "Yeah?" "Can I talk to you a second?" He asked. "Sure." You walk out into the hall.
  7. He faces you, brown eyes intense. "____, I think you are the most wonderful girl I've ever met..." he starts. "Yes?" you ask. "And... and..." he trails off and crushes his lips to yours. Your stomach drops and you feel his warm body near yours. His arms slip around your waist and your arms go around his neck. (I need to cut this kiss short, because picturing my brother making out is making me sick. So just... picture the kiss however you want okay?)
  8. After you and Tyler kiss, you have to go to class. The rest of the day goes by in a haze... you don't feel very well. When you are talking to Roy later, he suddenly puts his arms around you. "____? What's wrong?" he asks. Your world is spinning and tilting. You hold on to Roy and close your eyes. Then your knees buckle and Roy scoops you up in his arms before you pass out.
  9. Now, I'm done. Hope you liked it. :) BTW, I take any quizzes you suggest in the comments,comment and you will be thanked in the next quiz.
  10. BTW, who do you like?

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