The Warriors Quiz 1

Howdy my name's Joe Ranger and I'll be your assistant today here at Gander Mountain, the world's largest food storage facility. You can hold two apples for more than twenty seconds, a new record!

Here at Gander Mountain we believe that every person is nice and kind and pleasant to be around. Unless they wear socks. We here at Gander Mountain hate socks.

Created by: The All Powerful January
  1. What is the name of the third Omen of the Stars Book?
  2. Who is Bumblepaw's mentor?
  3. Who or what is the main enemy in Warriors Omen of the Stars Book One?
  4. Erin Hunter admitted that what RiverClan cat will be Mistyfoot's deputy when she becomes leader?
  5. In the first series who mentored Dustpelt (originally)?
  6. Who is Sandstorm's father?
  7. Who is Oakheart's mother?
  8. How many times did Oakheart and Bluestar meet?
  9. What ThunderClan cat spotted Bluestar and Oakheart together?
  10. Why is Tigerstar evil?
  11. Why is Brokentail evil?
  12. Who's fault is it that Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan?
  13. Which one of these three cats gave Bluestar one of her nine lives?
  14. Who killed Ashfur?
  15. Who killed Brindleface?
  16. Who did Cinderpelt love in her lifetime?
  17. Who of the leader below loved Tigerstar?
  18. HARD QUESTION: If Redtail is Sandstorm's father and Redtail is Tigerstar's uncle would Brambleclaw and Lionblaze still be related?
  19. EASIEST QUESTION:What the name of the series I'm talking about?

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