How Much Do You Know About Warriors?

Have you ever read the Warriors series? Isn't it great? There are many Warriors books and four Warriors series (so far!). It's my favorite series! Is it yours?

Do you know a lot about the Warriors series? It's time to find out with these questions from the first three Warriors books: Into The Wild, Fire And Ice, and Forest Of Secrets.

Created by: Sarah
  1. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  2. What prophecy does Spottedleaf get from StarClan in the prologue of Into The Wild?
  3. Where do the Clans meet for gatherings every full moon?
  4. How does Bluestar punish Firepaw when he breaks the warrior code?
  5. What does Graypaw say a 'loner' is?
  6. Which Clan goes missing halfway through Into The Wild?
  7. What's a 'thunderpath' to humans?
  8. Who is Dustpaw's mentor when Into The Wild begins?
  9. What attacks Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw as they travel back to camp from the Moonstone?
  10. Who killed Spottedleaf?
  11. What is Fireheart's sister's name?
  12. What is the first warrior mission Bluestar assigns to Fireheart and Graystripe?
  13. Who does Bluestar choose to be Brackenpaw's mentor?
  14. How did Graystripe and Silverstream meet?
  15. Who does Firestar bring to be a new member of ThunderClan?
  16. Which cat suggests crossing the frozen river to attack RiverClan?
  17. What warning does Spottedleaf give Fireheart in his dream?
  18. Who are Brokenstar's parents?
  19. What does Tigerclaw accuse Fireheart of after the battle in WindClan's camp?
  20. When Sandstorm catches Fireheart sneaking away after a gathering, where does he tell her he's going?
  21. What strange thing does Oakheart say about Stonefur before he dies?
  22. Where is the RiverClan camp located?
  23. Who does Fireheart rescue from the flooded river?
  24. How does ShadowClan find out that ThunderClan is sheltering Brokenstar?
  25. How did Silverstream die?
  26. Why did Bluestar give up her kits?
  27. Who came to help drive out the attacking rogue cats?
  28. Which cats does Tigerclaw ask to come with him when he leaves ThunderClan?
  29. Who leaves to join RiverClan at the end of Forest Of Secrets?

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