How much on Warriors do you know? FIRST SERIES

You've read Warriors. You say you know all. But is it true? Do you really know that much? Take this easy,. 1-3 minute quiz, and find out that for yourself!

Only do this quiz if you have read ALL the books in the FIRST warriors series, or farther. if you dont know what warriors is, buy the book "into the wild" by erin hunter!

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  1. What are Rusty's names?
  2. Who is the leader before Firestar?
  3. What prophecy does Spottedleaf give about Firestar?
  4. Who is Scourge's "deputy"?
  5. Who is the medicine cat after Spottedleaf?
  6. Who is the first deputy Firestar picks?
  7. How many leaders does ShadowClan have in the series?
  8. Which of these names DO NOT appear in the book?
  9. Why is cloudpaw sooo FAT in one part of rising storm?
  10. How many books are there?

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Quiz topic: How much on Warriors do I know? FIRST SERIES