How Well Do You Know the Warriors Series?

There are some fans of Warriors in the world. Sure. If there weren't any, the books wouldn't sell, and the Erin Hunters wouldn't be rich and famous. But can you call yourself a Warriors ULTIMATE FAN?

Take this quiz right here, right now, and find out if you don't know Warriors at all, if you're an OK fan, if you're a FAN, or if you're the best of the best;an ULTIMATE FAN.

Created by: Cinderheart
  1. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  2. How did Bluestar die?
  3. What happened to Brightheart that changed her appearance?
  4. What Clan did Tawnypaw leave ThunderClan to go to?
  5. Who went on the journey to find midnight?
  6. Who/what was the dying warrior that showed the Clans the way?
  7. What/who attacked the ThunderClan camp in "Twilight"?
  8. Who are the Three?
  9. Why are the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars cats training alive cats?
  10. Why do people read Warriors?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Warriors Series?