The extremely stupid Cat Warrior quiz

A whole heck of a lot of people read the Warriors series, but not everyone knows the Warriors very well, infact a lot of people forget stuff after a day or two!

Are you a Warriors freak? Do you know a lot about Warriors? MAybe so, maybe not. But now you can kind out. Do you have a good memory for this stuff, or do you draw a blank? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Zimbaba
  1. What year was "Into the Wild" published?
  2. Who was the main charactor in "Rising Storm"?
  3. Who killed Tigerstar in "The Darkest Hour?"
  4. What happend at the end of "Twilight"?
  5. Which Clan had a medicine cat who didn't believe in StarClan?
  6. What two cats were Sunstar of ThunderClan's deputies?
  7. Who are The Three?
  8. What was Brightheart's warrior name before Brightheart?
  9. What are the names of the four Warriors series?
  10. In what book does Mistystar become leader?
  11. What do the Clans call their new territory?

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