How much do you know about Thunderclan?

The Warriors Saga currently has three full series, and one partially-completed series. In every book, the main character(s) are Thunderclan cats. This means that the inner workings of this clan should be no mystery to readers!

Do YOU know all that there is to know about Thunderclan and its cats? Even if you've only read the first series, you should be ready to go. Good luck with the quiz!

Created by: Owlfur
  1. When Rusty enters the clan, who is leader?
  2. What is Rusty's apprentice name?
  3. Who enters the camp shortly after Rusty arrives?
  4. Where do clan leaders and medicine cats go to share tongues with starclan?
  5. What cat senses danger and alerts the clan shortly after Rusty arrives?
  6. Which cat does Rusty fight shortly after entering the clan?
  7. What does Rusty lose in this fight?
  8. Who is deputy of Thunderclan when Rusty arrives in the clan?
  9. Which cat is never part of Thunderclan?
  10. Where does thunderclan meet with the other clans every full moon?
  11. What part of Thunderclan territory is constantly wanted by Riverclan?
  12. Firestar's mate is...
  13. Which cat ultimately betrays Thunderclan?
  14. Who is Thunderclan's medicine cat when Rusty joins the clan?
  15. Which animal is not a source of prey for Thunderclan?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Thunderclan?