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So... commenters: @Wolfygirl, here you go, part two!___ @angelic4, I know, he's the sweetest guy ever! Aren't I lucky, these guys are my buddies.___ @PuffBall, You caught on fast!___ @Faith, sorry it was confusing, I hope this one is better.___ @Azy, hey Azy, this is Tyler, read your comment. :)___ @Violalover, Thanks! I hope you like this one! ___ @Firey_Soul, thanks! and I hope you know that I meant the "Don't Forget Me" quiz and not this one. ___ @SparklyScarlett, glad you like it! Yeah, sometimes the cuss words are too much, but I wanted to make it realistic, and hey, we're hill-billys.

So, still getting you warmed up to the guys and soon will be more gooey stuff. I love it when you comment and I respond. (See above) Tyler says make him even hotter, Gabe said that he wants to make out with me, Xave said to make him an Arabian Colt, Keygen said he loves you guys, and Roy said "What the heck? What... why am I in here?!"

Created by: katanasky
  1. You can't get what Tyler said out of your mind. Everyone hadn't treated it like a regular joke. "Honey, why are you dressed like that?" your mom asks when you come home, looking horrified at your outfit. "Oh... it's a... um... my friends had me dress like that. Nobody messes with me like this mom," you say. "Oh..." she looks sideways at you as she prepares dinner. You hear something outside and you peek out your window. Your window faces the woods behind the house. Through the trees you see a tawny color and you smell something... like rotten meat. The glint of the fur disappears deeper into the dusky darkness of the oak tree woods and a chill travels down your spine. Suddenly, you can hear everything... a car horn streets away... your mom slicing onions, and pounding... four beat pounding like hoof beats. You slam your fists over your ears. Then it stops, everything becomes deathly still.
  2. My POV I knew I had made a rash decision... but I couldn't change it now. And Tyler just had to open his big mouth. I paced deeper into the cave before turning around and walking back towards the light. The guys are lined alongside the walls of the cave, watching me. "Calm down Katana, she's one of us, couldn't you smell it?" Gabe asked me. I bit my lip. Then something hit me. The Wannabes... saw her... as one of us. Their job was to eliminate us. One by one... and she was alone, not knowing who she was. I met everyone's eyes in turn, mine lingering on Gabe's. They jerked their shirts off, all having toned chests and bulked up arms. In four beats we were pounding in a herd. Me and Gabe, the leaders were buckskin dun and black. Xavier, speedy and tall, was a sorrel, Tyler chocolate bay, Keygen was a palomino and Roy was a gray dapple. The girls followed, Sarah, a golden chestnut. Cheyanne, a golden sorrel with a platinum mane. And Mikayla, a dark brown bay. We had to get to her before they did... And my heart sank as the smell of rotten meat thickened as we approached her house. The woods lined the backs of our houses, dense trees were our highway and brush was our cover... we had to hurry.
  3. Your POV You sit down to dinner but your stomach twists into a knot as you see the steak your mom had prepared. You hear distant hoof beats mixed with bloodcurdling yowls and screams. You jump up and run into the bathroom, just in time. Hoof beats seem to surround your house but every time you look, you see nothing... but the stench and stomps linger. As you ready for bed, somehow unsteady on your feet, you get dizzier and dizzier until you pass out. You wake up to a golden color, and unfamiliar vocals. Once your eyes adjust, you realize that you are besides a campfire. You groggily sit up. The stench is gone, but the smell of hard earned sweat and grass fills your nostrils. You glance around. It looks like something out of a western movie. Tepees are formed in a large circle, surrounded by huge oak trees and dotted with campfires. You try to discern English but all you hear are unfamiliar words, that flow like water and rhythmic with four beat syllables.
  4. "You're up," you recognize Roy's voice beside you. You look at him. He's shirtless, his tanned and toned chest almost reflecting the fire. He grins and you force your eyes up. He places a hand on your forehead and nods. "Yeah you're ready," he stands and motions someone from another fire. The group you met at school come over. Me, Katana, my boyfriend Gabriel, my brother Tyler, Keygen, Sarah, Mikayla, Gabe's sister, and Cheyanne come over. Then followed by a tired Xavier. I kneel down and brush the back of my wrist on your forehead. "Yeah," I say, standing up and nodding at Cheyanne. She smiles before kneeling besides you and offering you a wooden bowl filled with a sticky, hot liquid. You smell it apprehensively. It smells incredible. You sip it and it tastes amazing. Your stomach growls it's approval before you drink it. Cheyanne smiles and pats your back. Tyler drops down to his knees besides you and grins. "Hey," he said. "Hi... um, where am I?" you ask. He shrugs. Great Tyler. Then I look pointedly at Xavier he sighs and sits down beside you. You don't notice everyone else leave as you look into his deep eyes. "So uh, you're here with the tribe... not many left of us. Here's the deal. We're kinda like throwbacks to the Horseclan warriors. And uh... we fight the Nukpana Tocho, er, Evil Mountain lions. They're also the gang we fight at school," he told you slowly. You grab his forearm. He looks at you. "Are you gonna faint?" he asks. "This isn't a nice joke..." you start, then you notice a gash along his cheekbone to his jaw. You tenderly touch it. He shivers and grabs your wrist. "It's okay," he says. He's shirtless too, not as tan as Roy or Gabriel or Tyler. But tanner than normal boys were during the school year. He was tall too. He looks into your eyes and whispers three words you don't understand. Then he leaves. You stagger to your feet, everything seems to swirl and the ground tilts unsteadily.
  5. Then, you feel something pound through your veins... you feel like you're changing... And when you tilt your head to look, you are a snow white horse. You stagger, then you notice your clothes lying torn on the ground. Your head clears so incredibly that you notice a sigle spark hovering away into the nighttime sky. You try to speak but nothing comes out. You stamp and suddenly there are horses surrounding you... you hear soft knickers around you. You are comforted by horses on each side. You meet their eyes one by one... and you seem to hear them in your head.
  6. "So... can you run it by me again?" you ask Keygen. He grins, also shirtless, he's toned and probably the palest out of the boys, but still just barely lighter than Taylor Lautner. "So... we're the horse runners, werehorses, tribe defenders, spirit warriors. We've got lots of names, well our life is to fight the Tocho Nukpanas. We protect people from them and run around being superhorses." "Okay..." you start. Tyler plobs down on your other side and grins at you. "Truth or dare?" he asks. "Truth," you say. He grins. "Rate my abs," he said. "Oh Shut up Tyler!" I growl at him before you answer. He rolls his eyes. "You wouldn't hesitate you grade your precious Gabe's abs now would you?" he asks. "No," I respond immediately. Tyler laughs. "Sisters," he rolls his brown eyes again. I smack him upside the head. He winks at you. Thinking, what would you grade his abs?
  7. "Truth or dare Tyler?" Keygen asks him, winking at you. "Dare," he said. "Fine, kiss Katana or ____," Keygen says, grinning evilly. "Ew! Why did you even put Katana in there, I'd so rather kiss anyone but her!" Tyler says. "Fine then, kiss ____," Keygen says. Tyler shifts nervously before leaning to plant a kiss on your cheek. It was just as you were turning to look at him and your lips met his young ones. He freezes, before giving you a sweet and tender kiss and pulling away, smiling. "Bout time you got your first kiss Tyler," I said across the campfire. Tyler glares at me and I stick my tongue out. Tyler rolls his eyes. Then he looks at you hesitantly. You smile at him. He grins widely. Across the fire, me and Gabe are whispering and he's circled me with his strong arms. We kiss and Tyler groans.
  8. Keygen started to get up but before he did he whispered in your ear. "I could kiss you better."
  9. Roy captures you in a hug before turning into a horse and taking you home. Just as you were leaving, Xavier hugged you too and told you not to try anything stupid.
  10. Aw shoot... I've gotta go, I was planning on making this longer, but I've gotta go grocery shopping with mom. Good thing is, I get to bring Gabe! :)

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