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Summer is a glorious season to have fun with your horse or pony, but the hard ground can cause some problems for his feet. Sometimes the diagnosis for hoof diasases are hard to percieve.

Find out how clued up you are on the matter with NosyPony's quiz. Do you have the knowledge to look after your horse's hooves this season? Hope you enjoy!

Created by: NosyPony

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  1. Which of these is the most essential thing to do for your pony's hooves during the summer?
  2. What are sand cracks?
  3. Is it more or less important to pick out your pony's hooves regularly in summer or winter?
  4. Should your pony's shoeing routine change during the summer?
  5. What should you consider when riding on hard ground?
  6. How could hoof supplement benefit your pony?
  7. Now this is not about hooves but about general knowledge. What is the size of the first 'horse'?
  8. How often should you check your horse's hooves during the summer months?
  9. Do you have a horse or pony of your own?
  10. Thanks for taking my quick quiz, this is a last question: What is arab horses' dished face also reffered to?

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