Am I ready to buy a horse?

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Do you think you are ready for a horse or pony? Test your knowledge and see what you need to learn first. The objective is to give you an idea of what your current skill set is so you can be a successful horse owner.

Congratulations on completing the quiz, we know there were some tough questions in there. Our hope is to show you areas you need to learn more about or to confirm you are on a great path ready for horse/pony ownership.

Created by: Gael Orr of Our website
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  1. The best thing for a horse is to be alone on a piece of property.
  2. I know how to walk/trot/canter a horse without assistance.
  3. I know how to pick up the correct canter lead.
  4. I know how to post on the correct diagonal.
  5. The best first horse purchase should be:
  6. It is good to buy a young horse (under 8 years old) for a child or new student, we can "grow" together.
  7. I know what thrush is and how to prevent it.
  8. I know what colic is and how to prevent it.
  9. I can name all the parts of my tack and all the parts of my horse.
  10. The best type of fencing for my horse is:
  11. How much water does the average horse drink per day?
  12. How much does the average horse eat per day in hay?
  13. How many pounds of hay or pasture does a horse/pony need to eat per 100 pounds of body weight?
  14. How much grain should you feed the average horse per day?
  15. The average cost per horse per year (not including emergency medical care or boarding fees or training/instruction/trailering) including feed/hay, farrier, dental, vaccinations, consumables (fly spray, ropes, halters, horse treats, etc). is:
  16. How often does a horse/pony need its feet trimmed?
  17. How often does a horse need dental care?
  18. How often does a horse need to be wormed?
  19. Have you taken weekly riding lessons with a qualified riding instructor for at least one year?
  20. Have you leased a horse for at least 6 months?
  21. Are you able to lunge a horse?
  22. Have you loaded a horse in the trailer before and know how to do it correctly?
  23. Have you taken care of horses before, including daily chores for at least one week?
  24. Do you know the different kinds of blankets horses wear?
  25. Do you know what size saddle you fit in and the different tree sizes available?
  26. Do you have knowledge of the different breeds of horses?
  27. Good first-time horse breeds would be:
  28. Do you have a qualified horse person that can help you with your horse/pony if you get questions?
  29. Which item is NOT a horse body part:
  30. What is NOT an acceptable shelter for a horse?

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