How Much Do You Really Know About Horses?

Do you really know about horses? Do you know about the general care of them, season to season? Could you care for a horse all by yourself, with no outside help?

You can finally find out with this well-tailored, detailed quiz! I have spent a long time on it, making sure that you can get an accurate result. It asks you about the care of horses and correct riding and horsemanship. The questions are questions that a horse expert would not miss out on. Good luck! The first few questions lead you through a day looking after your horse. Please note that you do different things in different seasons when caring for a horse, but the correct answers in this quiz are ones that you would do EVERY DAY, no matter the season. Again, good luck and try your best!

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. It is early morning. You go to your horse's field. What is the first thing you do?
  2. You have given the morning feed. True or False: do you now have to wait before riding?
  3. You're ready to ride, but you have to tack up first! You swap the head collar for a bridle and saddle. You can't wait to do some jumping work...but what first?
  4. Your horse is crooked when jumping. How can you resolve this?
  5. What is the best way to jump a narrow fence?
  6. The best way to jump a spread?
  7. You have set up a show jumping course. What do you have to maintain throughout the 'round'?
  8. You have finished the riding session with a walk to cool off, then you dismount and untack. You tie your horse to a ring. Then? (Note: your horse is not clipped and remember, the correct answer applies to every single day of the year)
  9. You give the midday feed. In the evenings you ride again. When you come back you let your horse dig in to his/her evening feed. Is this a good idea?
  10. These next questions will be more horsemanship questions, not care questions. The next day, you want to go for a hack, but its windy and your horse is quite uptight and while you are riding up the road spooks at a plastic bin bag. Simple question: what do you do?
  11. Your horse is being bullied in his field by the other horses. What is the best plan of action?
  12. It is winter and the weather is wet. The best rug for your horse at grass is:
  13. Which is the best rug for travelling:
  14. What can you use to protect your horse from flies in summer?
  15. Do you know how to tack up a horse? Answer TRUTHFULLY. Including how to put on a bridle, saddle and saddle pad, and how to do up the girth right.
  16. Last question: do you know how to groom a horse? Again, answer TRUTHFULLY.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Really Know About Horses?