Do You Really Love Horses?

A true horse lover is pretty rare. They want to spend ALL their time with horses, even when they're tired after being awake all night. They put a horse's needs first and want to help them. A true horse lover has compassion and is sensitive to horses' needs.

Are you one of those? Do you care enough about horses to get 100% or at least near 100%? You can find out here, with just a few clicks of the mouse...good luck.

Created by: Elizabeth

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  1. How often would you like to go riding? (If the amount of time you would like to go riding is the same as you do go riding, that's great, just put the answer)
  2. Do you want a job to do with horses?
  3. What is more important to you when you are riding a course: your horse, or the height of the jumps?
  4. Do you take the time to sign petitions and send letters to help the welfare of horses around the world?
  5. Which horse would you rather own from the below?
  6. Some RLS: Picture this. You're out riding with a friend. Your friend is riding a fantastic new warmblood horse that your stables is keeping and exercising for a friend to the stables, a woman who's beginning to make the great horse's name known. You try to stop your friend jumping a massive log she is too novice to jump, but she is being stubborn. You're really worried the horse and your friend will both get hurt and fall. What is your argument?
  7. Think about this question seriously. Andwer truthfully, it's only one question and if you don't answer truthfully you'll just be cheating yourself! Choose between one million pounds or a ordinary pony club pony. (No horse is ordinary, but you know what I mean!)If you choose the million pounds, you can't buy a horse with that money.
  8. You're going on holiday and have to leave your beloved horse behind. Your friend had just started riding but says she has read lots of books and knows how to look after a horse - she asks if she can look after yours while you're away. You have doubts about her ability and think she might forget some vital things about caring for a horse. Do you risk your friend's feelings to keep your horse safe?
  9. Choose between these two careers:
  10. Finally, why did you take this quiz?

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