How Well Do You Know Horses?

Horses are an amazing subject. It is fun to learn about them. Horses can help people relax, people can tell a horse there secrets, and the horse won't tell anyone, except maybe his horsey friends. Horses are an amazing part of every day life.

How well do YOU know horses? Are you a beginner on horses, or are you an expert? There are many horse experts all over the world. Have fun learning about horses and there interests. Different people like different things about horses. Think about what you like about horses as you take this quiz.

Created by: Bri

  1. What type of horse did Napoleon ride into battle?
  2. About how many breeds of horses are there?
  3. About how many horses are in the US?
  4. How old is the oldest horse ever recorded?
  5. What was the oldest horse's name?
  6. When was the first horse learned about?
  7. What is the size of an adverage horse (in hands)
  8. What is the most common horse breed in the world?
  9. How many horses are endangered?
  10. How many horses are in a wild mustang band on average?
  11. What is the oldest horse breed in the world?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Horses?