Mountain Love part three

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Sorry this one took me so long, caught the dreaded disease of Writer's block... so I watch The Office and hung out with Gabe. He's so sweet... *sighs*

Note from Tyler: Hey girls! Luv ya guys! Note from Roy: Omg Katana... what on earth am I doing here?! Note from Xavier:... oh god... Note from Keygan: OH YA BABY!!! (BTW, I'm putting the commenters on the Parting Words, down below the results.)

Created by: katanasky
  1. You wake up in your bed wondering what happened. It all comes back to you like a weird dream. You feel something on your arm and when you look, there is a strip of leather tied there with an ingraving on it of a horse. Weird. You're wearing the ripped up jeans and hacked off cowboy shirt from yesterday. You stumble out of bed and out of your room, where you run into your mom. "Honey! You are not wearing that again today!" she exclaims. "But mom, my friends dress like this!" you say. "Well, their mothers should know better." Then the door knocks, she hurries to answer it. It's Gabe and Mikayla's mom, Shirley. She has strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She smiles and then with a Texas accent..."Hello Ma'am, we just wanted to say hi," she smiles. Your mom knods slowly, Shirley is dress in women's Wranglers, a tied off cowboy shirt, and old cowgirl boots. She smiles. Your Mom glances at you and sighs.
  2. Once your mom and Shirley are talking in the living room, you go into the kitchen and dig aroud for breakfast. You hear the back door knock. You open it, the gang is standing there. "Hi guys..." you say. "Cm'on ____," Tyler says immapatiently. "Mom! I'm going to school!" you shout at your mother. Just before you close the door all the way, you hear your mother's repsonse. "It's Saturday!!!" You take off with us anyway. You find you can run really fast. Like abnormally fast. As a pack, we charge through the forest. We are going deeper and deeper. The woods change from oak and beetle brush to Pine, Cedar and Manzanita. When you stop you find that you are hardly panting. You feel really warm though, a good warm though. The boys strip off their shirts and you try not to stare. They've all got tattoos on the back of their shoulderblades. Symbols. Gabe has circles with the four directions. Roy has water drops. Xavier has fire. Tyler seems to have hoofprints. You wonder if the girls have those too. "Una!" Xavier calls out. And old woman seems to appear out of no where. She's dressed traditionally. Native, long gray streaked hair, she's short and wrinkled, but tan. She motions you to follow her. Deep into a cave, then everything becomes light. So bright you shut your eyes. When you open them, you are walking out of the cave, right into an indian camp.
  3. Everyone runs up and is jabbering in a language that flows like water and pounds like a heartbeat. They put necklaces of cougar claws on the guys and feathers in the girls hair. Roy looks at you and smiles. It looks like we're getting the hero's welcome. Then they come up to you, circling you and looking at you with intelligent brown eyes. Then they seem to nod approval before putting a string of turquoise around your neck. I'm wearing Green stones, and Chey has topaz, Mikayla has red and Sarah has black. Gabe kinda seems to be singled out, all the old men are talking very seriously to him. He talks back in the language, which is a Mix of Hopi, Lakota, and Maidu by the way.
  4. Tyler runs up to you and picks you up like you're a doll and he spins you around. He smiles and kisses you quickly. Then he blushes and puts you down, leaving you in total shock.
  5. The native girls seem to surround Xavier and Keygan, they seem intrigued by their blonde and red hair. The boys don't seem to mind the attention, but Xave slips away from them ad comes over to you, where you are watching the action from the sidelines. He takes your hand casually and smiles at you. "It's okay, just kinda something we do often. We come here kinda like a check in. We are the warriors, we were actually born here, well, not Me and Keygan. But, Katana and her brothers, and Gabe and his sister." Xavier explains. "So... do the bad guys come here too?" you ask. He laughs. "I'd like to see them try to deal with Una, tha old woman has got a pretty big stick in case you haven't noticed." He laughs. His laugh is relaxing, it kinda let's you know that everything will be alright. His hand is warm and strong around yours. "You weren't quite ready for this were you?" he asks. "Not really..." you answer. He circles his arm around your shoulders and you sigh. "Don't worry ____, it's pretty fun actually..." he says. "Yeah..." "And you will have to tell your parents eventually," he said. You stiffen... that wouldn't work out that great. "Don't worry, they'll believe you, when they see the stuff you have, and it's better than them waking up one night with a mutated cougar staring at them through their window."
  6. Xavier hugs you until he gets called away. He gives you one more squeeze before slipping away to the group.
  7. "____!!!" Keygan calls. You go to him. He picks you up and twirls you around, squeezing the breath out of you. "Jeex Keygan!!!" you gasp, he sheepishly grins and puts you down. "You get to be initiated today!!!" he says excitedly. "Huh?" "Well it's easy... you pick a guy to be your soulmate, then you get a tatoo and start training..." he trails off when he sees you go pale. "What's wrong?" he asks. "Soul-mate?" you ask. "Oh that..." he blushes. "Keygan?" "Um... it's about having a link... with... another heart... it's like an anchor... I don't know... I couldn't tell you..." he stammers. "Oh..." you start and your eyes wander to Gabe and me. "Yeah..." Keygan says. Then you look at Sarah and Mikayla, they are talking to native boys. Cheyanne, Tyler, Xavier, and Roy are alone. "So..." you start. Again following your gaze, Keygan reads your mind. "The eligables," he said with a wince. "Okay..." you said. Then you realize what else he said. Today. "Keygan, did you say I had to pick today...?" "Ouch..." he answers, looking into your eyes with his deep greeny-blue ones. "Oh..." you say. "____?" he asks, looking concerned. Everything fades to black as you're hit with the realization of what he was saying.
  8. You wake up and Roy is holding you outside your house. "They put it off today, you can take as long as you want ____," he said. "Thank you..." you said, relief sweeping over you. "Um... I think if your mom sees..." he starts. "Right," you said, and he puts you down, keeping his hand on your waist. He looks at you with serious brown eyes. "Don't worry about anyhting okay ____?" he whisperes. You nod and feel a light kiss on your cheek. You look up at him and blush and look back down. When you look back, he's gone. You still feel his warmth and his heartbeat slowly fades from your ears.
  9. You'll have to pick eventually, who?
  10. Happy Valentines Day!!!

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