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Welcome to the twenty-seventh part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. So, in this part, I managed to fit time with Justin and Cory as well as make it so it's Saturday :D I'm actually making progress here.

Recap: You told Kris and Jack about Petra and the dreams you've been having. You trained with Kris, learning telekinesis, flying, and your special power: creating and accessing other worlds. Kris surprised you with a romantic dinner, followed up by his final decision about you: He's in love with you. Now, you're learning about the last Milia and his gray bird familiar...

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. "This bird's name is Anima." At the sound of the name, the gray bird looks up abruptly, and its eyes seem to light up with intelligent interest, confirming that your suspicion was correct. "You're trying to say that this bird, whose regular life span should be about only a couple years, is thousands of years old?" Stella asks. "I'm pretty sure of it," you say. Justin cranes his head to look at the book.
  2. "It says here that I should consult page 209," Justin says, turning the pages of the book, "Hm... there's an entire section devoted to it." You look over to see "Anima" written in curly letters at the top of the left page, a picture of a gray bird with those same strange marks on the wings, and a few paragraphs of text on the right-hand page. Justin skims the page, "It says here that Anima is a unique bird that only shows itself when the current Milia is of age to discover their powers. According to this book, it's been the familiar of all the Milia since the earliest recorded time." "I guess you have a familiar now," Stella says, and you reply, "I guess I do." You're starting to become quite fond of it anyway. "Anyway," Stella begins, "We should probably get going if we want a lane."
  3. After cleaning up the dishes, Justin drives you and Stella to a bowling alley nearby. You and Stella have already changed out of your immortal forms, and you left the bird in your room, even though it gave you that puppy-dog look again that immeadiately made you feel guilty. Inside, it's pretty dark, since all the lights are off except for the ones by the cashier's table and the moving, multi-colored party lights. Most of the illumination comes from the glowing, electric lights that decorate the wall at the end of the lanes and each lane and the big TV screens above each lane, displaying the scores.
  4. "You know," Justin starts, "I've been trying to plan this for so long, it's satisfying to actually be here with you girls. I'm glad we're able to do this." "Aww, getting sentimental, Justin?" Stella teases. "If you don't appreciate my sincerity, then I'll change my statement: It's nice to be here with _______," Justin play-fights. "Oh, I see how it is," Stella says, playing along, "I'm just hindering your couple time." At her statement, it seems like Justin gets a little red around his cheeks, as if he were blushing, and he replies, "When did this happen? I wasn't informed that I'm dating _______."
  5. "You know, last night, when you got drunk and told everyone you loved her," Stella grins, and Justin laughs, "You know you just killed it seeing as I'd never get drunk?" Stella just laughs and pays for a game of bowling, shoe rentals, and 3 glow stick necklaces. You're given lane 11. Stella gets to the lane first, and immeadiately starts entering in your names into the scoreboard. You end up with the name "QT Fluffibrd", Justin gets "Bookwrm V4.0", and, for herself, Stella gets "StarGrrl"
  6. It's your turn first, so you go to the rack which is filled with bowling balls layered with a little glow-in-the-dark paint. You pick a pretty multi-colored marbled ball that reminds you of a Tutti-Frutti Jellybelly jelly bean. Unfortunately, you forgot to check the weight first, so, when you lift it off, it falls to the ground, pulling you with it. "You might want a lighter one," Justin advises, helping you up. "Are you saying I'm weak," you joke, sticking out a tongue at him. "I don't know, unless you want to go flying with your ball down the lane, you should grab this one," Justin laughs, handing you a blue bowling ball. You take it, and your arms sink with the weight. "Um... are there any lighter ones?" you ask. "Nope," he laughs, "Here, I'll help you."
  7. "Hmph, what makes you think I can't do it myself?" you stick out a tongue at him and go to the beginning of the lane where the extra weight of the ball and the smoothness of the floor make you lose your balance and fall on flat on your butt. "I'm okay, thanks for caring," you call out sarcastically, hearing Stella laughing in the background. You draw your arm back, having to stumble backwards a couple of steps to compensate for the weight, and swing it forward, releasing the ball.
  8. It flies in the air for a fraction of a second before coming down with a loud bang as it hits the metal of the gutter and bounces off and rolls into the neighboring lane. "Sorry!" you call out to the people in the next lane, blushing. "It's no problem," a guy calls back, "I'll bring over your ball when it comes through our ball return." You wait for what seems like an antagonizingly long time, until the shadow of a guy starts to get more defined as he walks closer, holding your bowling ball. You've never seen him before, which wasn't a surprise as you can't say you know every teenager guy in the area, but he seems to be about the same age as Jack. His black hair almost disappears with the darkness of the bowling alley, and he has warm brown eyes and naturally tanned-skin. He kind of reminds you of Jacob from Twilight. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Stella looking him up and down approvingly, and you know exactly what she's thinking.
  9. She glides up beside you as you thank the guy for bringing your ball back and apologize again for throwing it into his lane. "It's no problem," he smiles, "By the way, my friend and I were wondering if you 2 ladies would join us in our game because we have just enough space for 2 more, and you know, the more the merrier. "Actually, we're here with a friend of ours, it wouldn't be right to leave him alone, thanks anyway, though," you tell him. "Are you sure? Your friend could come along," the guy offers. "You know what? Actually, I'll come if you don't mind. You know the saying, 'two's company, but three's a crowd'; I don't want to intrude on their bonding time," Stella says. You mentally make a note to yourself to tell Stella to stop mentioning you and Justin as a couple, but you let it slide since you can definitely see that Stella is attracted to this guy.
  10. He smiles and suddenly adds, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being rude. I'm Russel." "Stella," she introduces herself and adds on, "And this is _______." "Nice to meet you," Russel says, "Anyway, shall we both get back to playing?" You go back to your lane while Stella follows Russel to his. Justin's tapping his foot to some unknown tune when you come back. "That bored without me?" you tease him. "Oh, you're back, where's Stella?" he asks. "Off in the next lane with a guy and his friends," you explain, and he laughs, "She's getting her flirt on? We can't be expected to see her until at least an hour from now."
  11. "Oh, by the way, it's still your turn," Justin tells you, "You sure you wouldn't like some help so that you don't kill someone next time?" You stick out your tongue at him, "Fine." He walks up with you to the beginning of the lane and puts a hand on the one that you have in the bowling ball. He guides your arm and supports some of the weight of the ball as you roll it down the lane. Both of you watch with bated breath as the ball rolls down the lane and hits the lead pin. Like dominoes, the pins fall down, except for one in the left corner that's left wobbling unsteadily. "Come on, come on," you hear Justin muttering under his breath.
  12. As if in slow motion, the last pin falls, and the screen that displays the score blanks to show in big white letters: "SPARE". "Yes!" you exclaim, bouncing happily and giving Justin a double high-five. He picks you up off the ground momentarily with a hug, grinning. He gives you a short, but strong kiss... right on your lips. You're left speechless, and, so it seems, he is too. Even in the darkness, you can tell he's already turning slightly red with embarrassment. "Um... that kind of just slipped out?" Justin says, "I kind of got carried away in the moment..." A thought occurs to you, "Justin... um... do you like me? As in like like me." "Erm... Yes..." Justin admits and takes a deep breath as if saying that got a weight off of his chest, "I've kind of liked you for a while now... I wasn't sure how to say it..."
  13. "You say it like '_______, I really like you'" you tease him, and he smiles, "I guess I could've tried that." You laugh, "Let's get back to our game. You and Justin finish the bowling game. He wins, but you're close behind with score, even though you're pretty sure he was taking it easy on you. You go over to the next lane to get Stella while Justin returns the shoes. When you get there, you see that their game is done, and Stella is sitting next to Russel, chatting animatedly with him. She's so into the conversation that she doesn't even notice when you come up.
  14. "Stella, Justin and I finished the game, you ready to head back?" you ask her. She looks up at you, "Oh, okay, yeah, I'm ready." Stella stands up and turns to Russel, "We'll finish that later. It was great meeting you. Hope to see you soon sometime." He nods good-naturely and smiles, "Nice meeting you too, see you, Stella." As you and Stella walk outside to the car where you and Justin agreed beforehand to meet up, you demand all the details between her and the guy. Apparently, he was there with one other guy who Stella described as 'tall, dark, and sexy' with a wink in your direction as if she were already imagining the matchmaker possibilities. She also mentions that she got Russel's number and that they were talking about meeting up tomorrow.
  15. In the car, Stella has finally run out of things about Russel to chat about, and she notices that you and Justin are being kind of quiet. "What about you two, how was your time together?" she asks, and you swear you can hear a hint of suggestion in her voice. "Good," you answer, "Justin won." "Yeah, but _______ bowled some pretty mean spares," Justin adds on. 'You will tell me later,' Stella mouths to you, and you sigh internally. It's so hard to get anything past your best friend.
  16. Back at the house, Stella leads the way into the house, seeing as she's the only one of you with a key. She steps into the house, when splash a waterfall of water falls down over her, drenching her, and splashing a little on you too. "What the-" she says in shock. Cory comes running into the room, "Oh it's you guys... hey, that actually worked, I wasn't sure about that. "Coryyy!!!" Stella shouts, her voice getting louder with each letter, "Ohhh I'm gonna-" She takes a threatening step toward him.
  17. "Wait, don't step for-" Cory warns, a little too late as Stella already took the step, "-ward. Uh oh." You look around to see why Cory could possibly be warning Stella and see that she stepped on a wire... which pulls a knife, that cuts a string holding a toy train which rolls down a track to hit a button, that launches a rock that hits a board off-balance, which falls on a seesaw and launches a larger rock-like thing (which misses Stella's head by only inches) that flies and hits a large pile of what looks like metal and cloth shavings which catch on fire and burns a string holding down a catapault which is holding some cloth that's now burning. The catapault launches the now-flaming objects which Stella only avoids due to Justin pulling her back. The fireball hits the staircase which then proceeds to burn.
  18. "Oh sh**," Cory says as he stares at the flames, "I can't believe that actually worked out perfectly." "Don't just stand there and stare," Stella says and, with a sigh, she turns into her immortal form. Reaching out to the fire, she manages to collect it all in the palm of her hand. "I should throw this at you," she mutters, "But because I don't want a lawsuit, I won't." The fire disappears at an unspoken command from Stella. "Are there any more little set-ups I should be aware of," she inquires.
  19. "Um, no, that's all I had. Does anyone have the power of fixing this staircase," he asks as he examines the semi-burnt wood of the staircase railing, "Kris and Jack don't need to know about this little incident..." "If I did, it wouldn't matter," Stella says, "You are SO getting in trouble." "It wasn't meant for you," Cory says, finally realizing the annoyed tone of Stella, "I'm sorry, I thought you would come through the back door." "Who was it for, why did you do it, and do I even want to know those answers?" Stella asks. "It was supposed to be in case anyone tried doing anything; it would give me a bit of a warning and some time to prepare. "And it would make whoever it is, extremely pissed," Stella says with a pointed look. "Yeah, but then I'd also have time to..." Cory starts
  20. "Run," Cory darts out of the room. Stella chases after him, paying little attention the things she knocks over. You and Justin are left at the door laughing as you hear them running around the house. Justin's cell phone rings, so he goes outside to answer it. When he comes back, he tells you, "Hey, _______, my parents need me back at my house. I'll be around tomorrow." "And miss Stella's cooking?" you say in mock astonishment. Justin laughs, "If she cooks something good, save some for me." You stick out a tongue, "Maybe I will, maybe I won't, you might just have to come early to ensure some." Justin sticks a tongue out back at you, "You're always so difficult, _______." "Aw, but you love it," you joke, but Justin replies in a completely serious tone as he pulls you close in a hug, "Yes, I do love it."
  21. After he leaves, you look around the house to make sure Stella hasn't killed Cory yet. You find Cory sitting in the living room couch, looking as if he's waiting for something. "She's up there," he says, pointing to the ceiling.
  22. Looking up, you see Stella sitting on a horizantal beam that's supposed to support the roof. "Come on up, _______. The weather's great up here," she invites you. You change into your immortal form and fly up to see what she has to say. She's tapping away at Cory's cell phone. "Look," she giggles, "I changed it to Arabic. Oh, I have a text, here, take it, _______." She hands it to you. You decide to be nice, so you fly back down to Cory and deliver his phone to him. "Ah, whatever, I had no idea what I was clicking anymore anyway," Stella laughs, "Good luck, Cory."
  23. "Thanks, _______. For a moment there, I thought you were on her side," Cory says, "You know, I think you deserve a reward." He winks at you. "I forgot how irritatingly flirty you are," you tell him. He laughs, "Oh, but you know you love it." You don't even bother responding to that one, so you just roll your eyes. However, since Cory will be Cory, he finds a way to continue. "I'll take that as a yes," he grins. "Anyway, how's life been going, Cory?" you ask, attempting to switch topics. "Boring, it's school, what do you expect? Especially when there's no one particularly interesting or particularly cute to talk to," he replies. "What do you mean? Aren't you Mr. Popular? Don't you have a ton of people to talk to?" you ask. "Oh did I forget the last part I was going to say? I must've. There's just no one particularly you in school these days, so, as you can imagine, it's pretty dull," he grins at you.
  24. "Me? I'm not especially interesting," you say modestly, since you can never tell how sincerely Cory compliments you. "Modesty, psh, try 'Yes, Cory, I know I'm hot, cute, and interesting, but I'm determined to play hard to get'," he says. "What? I'm not saying that," you tell him, "And I'm not playing hard to get..." "Could've fooled me. I mean, you're not falling for me, something's got to be wrong there," he winks.
  25. You roll your eyes. "Something in your eye, _______?" he asks innocently, then adds with a predictable grin and a leaning in closer, "Need me to get it for you?" You refrain from rolling your eyes again and reply shortly, "No, I'm good." "Good at..." Cory says, smiling, as if hinting something else. "Good at being me," you answer. "Now there's some confidence," Cory smiles, and you stick your tongue out at him. "It's a compliment, missy, must you doubt me?" he says with an innocent look.
  26. "Well it's hard to tell sometimes," you say to him. "Oh, am I that mysterious?" he asks in a spooky voice with an eyebrow raised. "You wish," you laugh. "Nah, you do," he half-smiles mischieviously. Somehow, you manage to notice just now that while you were talking, you were subconciously leaning into him so that your faces are scarely 6 inches away from each other. You can feel Cory's every breath, and, when you look up, his blue-green eyes connect with yours.
  27. You break the connection and lean back a little. Cory looks like he's smirking, "Do I scare you, _______? Come 'ere" He leans over and pulls you close to him. "Now," he says, looking you curiously in the eyes with the slightest smile tugging at the corners of his lips, "Why do I scare you?"
  28. He looks amused at whatever you say, "So that's what you think..." "What she thinks what?" Stella asks curiously. Somehow, she managed to sneak up and lean right between you two. "Don't you have a boyfriend to talk to?" Cory asks. "Not a boyfriend yet," Stella sticks out a tongue at Cory, "Anyway, Jack wants me to tell you that you need to get your butt to work and get your costume." "Can't he tell me that himself?" Cory asks, and Stella laughs, "Well he sent a text, but I figured you still couldn't read it. Oh, and Emmy wants to tell you that whatever you pick, you have to look hot." "Do I ever not?" Cory scoffs with a wink. He stands up, "I guess I need to get on that then. See ya, girls." After he leaves, Stella sighs and frowns, "I have to do security all by myself now. Well it looks like it's a girl's night, _______, what should we do first?"
  29. Stella loves your suggestion, so you two start with that and eventually end up doing a lot of random activities, whatever comes to mind. Around midnight, Kris and Jack return, but you're so tired that you have to go to sleep rather than stick around to see how much trouble Cory gets in. You end up just saying goodnight to them and giving each a hug before heading upstairs to your room, changing, and going to sleep. Thankfully, no one interrupts your dreams, and you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for anything.
  30. Looking at the clock, you see that it's 10 in the morning. You get up and take a shower, but you don't bother to change out of your pajamas since you're going to change later today anyway. You go downstairs for breakfast and find a note on the fridge, "Out for last-minute preparations ~Jack, Kris, Stella. P.S. Cory's still asleep. His room is in the guest hallway, last door on the right, bucket of cold water ready in the fridge ~Stella P.P.S. Take a picture for me. Camera on the counter ~Stella"
  31. You laugh to yourself a little, of course Stella would do this. You grab a bagel for a quick breakfast, then take the bucket and the camera. You walk to the guest hallway, having to put down the bucket in order to open the double doors. You trudge down the sunlit hallway, noticing that the room that used to be Marisa's and that you snuck into has a very visible deadlock installed on it now.
  32. At the last door to the right, you stop, carefully twist the door-handle, and silently open the door. In your immortal form, it's a lot easier to tiptoe up to Cory's bed with a pail-full of water than you would have thought it would be. He's sound asleep on top of his sheets, wearing only shorts, no shirt.
  33. You pour the water on his head, and he jumps up with wide, surprised eyes. "WHOA, who did that?" he exclaims. You giggle and quickly snap a picture of him with a surprised look and dripping wet hair. "_______! That's freezing, oh you..." he says and gets up. You start heading quickly toward the door, but not quickly enough because Cory grabs you at your waist from behind and spins you around to face him. "______, now I'm all cold," Cory says with an over-dramatic frown. "I can't help it that you don't wear a shirt and don't use blankets," you say with as innocent of a look as you can muster and without laughing.
  34. "Eh, well now you need to make up for that and warm me up," Cory says, grinning, "I do already feel a little better." "You don't need me for that," you protest. "But you see, I do," Cory says, holding you closer, his face is mere inches from yours. Your heart beats faster as he looks you with those intense blue-green eyes of his and starts to lean in.
  35. He kisses you once on your neck, once on your jawbone, and once on the corner of your mouth, as if teasing you. It's working though because after each kiss, you feel like you want him to just get on with it and kiss you on your lips. The suspense is almost unbearable for you; you have that flip-flop feeling in your stomach like you're about to fall and can't catch yourself. He brushes his lips against yours once, softly, and then kisses you again deeper this time. You feel yourself giving in to the touch of his lips and kissing him back.
  36. When you break away from him, you have to breathe deeply since you were holding your breath unconciously the whole time. Cory's got a radiant grin from ear to ear, "See, I couldn't have done that myself. Definitely warmed me up now and started my day off right. You're like my sunshine. You brighten my day, ______." "Wow, you're being sweet, Cory?" you smile and lightly tease him. "I can be when I want to," he grins. bing-bong you hear the doorbell ring. "Oh, I'll get that; you need to get a shirt on," you tell Cory. "Do I need to?" he asks. At a look from you, he laughs, "I'll be out in a moment." You walk out of his room and to the door. Because the windows in the door are made of frosted glass, you can't see who's here, but obviously, they have a good reason to travel all the way out here to visit. You open the door...
  37. Ah :P I made near 40 questions again. Sorry, I'm an overachiever XP I thought this one was only in the high twenties, but obviously I can't count right XD which is weird since I'm good at math... ANYWAY enough of my rambling, who do you like?

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