Keepin' You...part six

So, recap: Tyler and Caleb shoot 75 zombies outside the cave and because of the dead bodies, you three are leaving for a new camp. But Micheal and Riley are still out there.

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Created by: katanasky

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  1. Okay, so I'm sorry I haven't made one of these in a while, I've had computer problems but I"M BACK!
  2. On with da story! You follow Caleb through the woods and Tyler is behind you. You're carrying your stuff but they've got everything else. "Dude? Can we stop? I think I heard something!" Tyler calls to caleb. Caleb's hands are instantly on his gun. "No no no, not like that, I heard the truck." Tyler says. Caleb's shoulders drop in relief before he sends a glare to Ty. "I'll go back and check," Tyler says easily, turning around on the path. Caleb sighs and you think you hear him say: "This isn't happening to me, I hate my life." but you're not sure. "No, I'll go, last time you went somewhere me and --- had to save your a**," Caleb says. Tyler looks embarrassed but lets Caleb go past him. Tyler and you drop the bags where Caleb had left his and Tyler looks around as you sit down. He smiles at you. "why're you so tired? You don't carry anything," he says. You roll your eyes. "Hey ---?" he asks. "Huh?" "What would you say if I told you I wan to run away with you from the other guys so I can have you all to myself?" he asks, with what? A wink? From Tyler? Wth?
  3. Anyway, so whatever you say I don't really care, but he sits beside you. "---?" he asks. "Yeah?" "I... uh... nevermind," he stammers. You remedy the situation by reading his mind. (I want you to know that if anything happens to me that you are the only girl I've ever loved.) The words are so simple but so meaningful that they hit you with force. Suddenly you break down. The world is ending, everything you know is gone and you feel like you're being pulled from four directions by the guys. You sob into your hands and Tyler looks guilty. "what's wrong ---?" he asks, concern flooding his voice. You mumble incoherently and he gently circles your shoulders with his arm. "Please don't cry ---," he whisperes. Then you hear a voice. It was coming from the opposite direction than Caleb went and it sounds different... something you hadn't heard other than yours for a while... a feminine voice. You jump to your feet with Tyler and wipe at your eyes. A Redhead with electric blue eyes and a model-like figure stumbles around a corner towards you. "Help! It's chasing me! I don't know..." Tyler swings a gun up and in one shot downs a zombie. She stumbles into his arms. He pats her back for a minute before pulling her back to talk to her. "what happened?" he asked. "I... was... running... it was my... my... brother..." she said, obviously in shock," I was running this way because I heard someone. You realize it was probably your sobs the chick heard. Then her eyes flow over Tyler. "I'm Kassandra, or, just Kass," she said, continuing to ignore you. She brushes a lock of amazingly still perfect auburn hair out of her face.
  4. You see Tyler looking at her with his eyebrows raised, his hands steadying her shoulders. "Is this your brother?" she asks, not looking at you still. "No," you say through clenched teeth, bristling. "Oh..." she said, sounding a little disappointed. You can kinda relate with the guys, knowing how being around only one person of the oposite sex and with competition. Then Tyler pulls away from her. You can get a better look at her. Her hair is shoulder length and wavy, and not red, but a mixture of chocolate and auburn. Her lips are enticingly curved and her electric, aqua blue eyes and fanned by think lashes. Her pale, smooth skin is surprisingly clean and clear. She's wearing camo cargo pants and a tight, sky blue tank top that shows her curves as well as bring out the blue in her eyes. (By the way, you are wearing black jeans and a army green vest. You look like how you want to.) She looks older than you.
  5. You notice Tyler is looking at her. You, feeling awfully put off and jealous, read his mind. (Wow, she's hot. I'm glad we picked up another chick... dang, I shot her brother, except, he was already dead... I don't know...) you stop. Then you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around. It's Caleb, followed by Micheal and Riley, both still in one peice! "Micheal/Riley!" you squeal. (whichever one you want.) Yeah. You squealed, you hadn't meant for that to come out like that. He(Micheal or Riley or for godsakes Elmo or whoever you want) spreads his arms. You run into them. He hugs you so tight you can't breath. "---," he murmers in your hair. "Micheal/Riley/Caleb/Elmo, I missed you...!" you manage out between choking for breath.
  6. Then everyone notices Kass. All their eyebrows shoot up. Riley's blonde ones, Micheal's Brown ones, Caleb's black ones and their eyes, rogue hazel(R), sea green (M) and deep gray (C) scan her. You feel...
  7. "Hi I'm Kass," she says, shaking their hands in turns. You're thinking that she sounds awfully chirpy for someone that just went through what she did. She smiled, showing perfect white teeth. She doesn't really even shake their hands, but her long claw tipped fingers go limp in their hands, causing them to hold on to her tighter. Then her eyes swivel to yours for the first time. You involunterily shiver.
  8. I'm sorry.
  9. Sucker!
  10. So Kass is the hero for showing you guys back to her camp, she doesn't carry anything, but Micheal and Riley are carrying the new supplies they risked their stupid necks to get, and you, Ty, and Caleb are carrying the same loads you were. You notice that it seems that the guys seem to be staring awfully hard at her rear. You clench your teeth. You hope your not going to half to live with this b**** cause it would be hard to get used to not being the center of attention. You push all thoughts out of your mind and think about.
  11. Done. (And thanks Zomgirl, you seem real into this series. :)pleeze comment pleeze... or I'll get rid of the guys with slow... torturesome deaths one by one...

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