I'm Keepin' You... part one

This is a story about you, trying to survive a zombie apocalyps with your best friend, Micheal, The school nerd, Ty, emoish Caleb, and popular Riley...

I hope you like it. OMG! It just told me not to metion the you know what amount of character thing! WTH!!! I will continue this if I get a good response. Okay... I should give it a different title, but WTH. See ya!

Created by: katanasky

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  1. You get ready for another day at school. Stupid school. It's hard to try to get along because you are a mind-reader. You try not to answer the teacher's questions too much. You look like whatever you want. Ok? What do you wear?
  2. "Umm...---, can I talk to you?" Your best friend Micheal, who has dark brown hair and sea-green eyes taps your shoulder. You kinda feel bad for ignoring him so you sit at a far table alone with him. He swallows. "Uh... here's the thing ---, I think I might... might... li..ii..." he slowly trails off and looks at you. You meet his eyes which seem so confused. Even though you promised yourself you would, you read his mind. (his thoughts: I'm in love with you --- I have been almost all my life and I want to kiss you soo bad... I love you.) No matter what that makes you feel, it kind of scares you because you weren't expecting it. You stand up and start to back away. "--- wait," he says. Your steps hesitate. He gently puts his arms around you. You know what's coming. His warm lips collide with yours and you feel a shock through your veins. "Micheal!" You gasp and pull away.
  3. You get detention for public show of affection. With your best friend. Everyone saw. Ouch. Now Micheal's sitting beside you and you know he's looking at you. "Hey ---?" a voice asks. The most popular guy at school. You turn to look at him behind you. He flashes you a smile. His dirty blonde hair flips back. "Yes Riley?" you ask. Suddenly the teacher stands up and moans. Everyone looks. He's turned into a zombie. You scream. There's only one scream because you are the only girl in detention. Micheal stands up. The teacher slowly makes his way towards you. Everything turns black.
  4. When you wake up your at Micheal's house, his room, his bed. Thinking somehow you crashed at his house and had a bad dream you stand up. You look out the window. A horde of zombies crowd toward the porch. You feel suddenly sick. Then you hear a machine gun going off. Micheal is having the time of his life shooting zombies. You stumble down the steps. But someone is waiting for you at the bottom. It's the nerd from your math class. Ty. He has platinum blonde hair that for once is ruffled, and sky blue eyes that lock on yours. "Ty!" you gasp. He reaches out and catches you as you stagger. "--- please go back upstairs, Micheal and Caleb have everything handled," he tells you. You look into his honest blue eyes. "But... what's..." "Come on ---, once they got them held off a bit, we're making a break for the truck and gonna head out to the mountains," Riley's voice says from behind Ty. "What? Where's Micheal?" These guys may be al right but really, you want the guy who's protected you your whole life to be with you. "Shh ---, everything will be okay, we won't let anything bad happen to you," Ty said. Riley grabbed your hand and pulled you into his strong arms.
  5. Since Micheal and his friend Caleb warded off the zombie's, you make a break for the truck. Since Riley is the oldest, he drives. Caleb is sitting by him with a gun. He doesn't seem to show any expression. His dark hair falls over his eyes and his clothes are all black. Sometimes emo guys scare you but Micheal told you caleb is a good guy. Micheal is asleep on your shoulder but you don't really mind just so long as he doesn't drool. Ty is on your other side. His hesitant blue eyes turn towards yours. You can't help it, you read his thoughts. (Wow, she is pretty... she's nice too... and I hope nothing bad happens to her...) You give Ty an encouraging smile and he takes your hand. You both look away and he has a poorly disguised delighted look on his face.
  6. Aright. So, what kind of guy do you like?
  7. Do you think the zombies are a good touch?
  8. How are you gonna survive with four guys who like you?
  9. Do you like me?
  10. Who do you like?

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