You and The Wolf Riders part 3

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This is part three of the You and The Wolf Riders series. If you haven't taken part 1 and 2, YOU MUST TAKE THEM or else you won't know what's going on in this quiz.

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Created by: Nakita

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  1. It's dark, and soon everyone falls asleep. You have a dream. In your dream, you're standing beside a clear, rushing stream. It's a warm, starry, summer night. A dark blue-violet winged she-wolf with silvery-white specks in her fur that look like stars is slowly walking along the other side of the stream, crying about something. Somehow, you know that her pups have died recently, and her mate was shot by one of Sian's followers before they were born. Then, she sees something that surprises her so much, she stops crying. A little ways away from the shore, you see what surprised her: A pile of leaves and sticks. You wonde rwhy that would surprise her, and then you remember that wolves have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. She must smell something under the pile.
  2. The winged she-wolf warily walks over to the pile, sticks her nose underneath it, and then brushed away all the sticks and leaves to reveal...what the heck?? It's a HUMAN baby. "Oooh, are you all alone?" the she-wolf crooned, looking down at the small child. she nudged him slighty with her nose, and a stormy gray-blue crystal fell out of the bundle the baby was wrapped in. "You must be a young, future wolf rider. Your parents must have been scared by the gem's sudden appearance...oh, you poor, poor thing." the she-wolf crooned. The she-wolf carefully picked up the human child in her jaws - making sure she didn't hurt it - and carried him off to her den. You continue to stand by the stream, and suddenly, you realise who that baby was. 'Kedhrix was raised by a winged wolf!?' you think to yourself.
  3. The vision of the stream and starry sky fades away into blackness. You feel yourself faalling, and you try to grab something, anything. Suddenly you feel like you're being strangled, and you panic. Then a new vision materializes in front of you. A human female with black hair, almost colorless gray eyes, pale skin, and a menacing grin. "Sian." you whisper, shocked by her appearance in your dreams. Sian laughed, a cold, evil, power-hungry laugh, and glared at you. "You are making a very unwise descision in protecting these uselesss scraps of fur, child." Sian said. You become angry. "They're NOT useless, an-" you're interupted by Sian. "It is not only the gem cores I want, but the cores inside the hearts of all winged wolves. With your help, I-" this time, YOU interupt Sian. "I'll never help you, you're the one who stole my OWN WOLF RIDER'S GEM!" you let loose a number of curses, when Sian screams "BE SILENT!" You feel the air escaping from your lungs, and you feel the bones in your neck crunching like toothpicks, several warm streams of blood running down your neck and on to your back... "__!__! GET UP!! YOU'RE SCREAMING IN YOUR SLEEP!" Kedhrix screams. You wake up and realise that you are screaming. All six winged wolves, Tav, and Ked are staring at you. "" Firebyrd asks, her eyes wide, possibly trying to imagine what on earth you had been dreaming about. "Show me your wolf rider's gem." you demand Ked. "What why?" he asks in confusion. "Just show me!" you shout. Kedhrix takes a sort of leather string out of his pocket. Sure enough, a stormy blue-gray gem is attatched to it. "I saw you in my dream...I'm so sorry your human parents abandoned you." you sob. Ked shrugs. "It doesn't bother me much, since I never knew them. Besides, I'll always love Sen as my mother, even if she's a winged wolf." Kedhrix says.
  4. You turn to Tavorian. "Were...were you also raised by winged wolves?" you ask him. "Nah. I accidentally called my winged wolf when I was eight, and my parents thought I was some weird kind of freak. They locked me in my room without food for two weeks before I finally managed to break my window open and escape." he says.
  5. You fall asleep again and wake up in the morning. Nobody else is awake, so you go into the forest to search for food.
  6. You find some berries, but there are only a few. You see lght from a clearing ahead of you, so you walk into it, and are pretty surprised to see a an eight-legged blue-gray hore with a golden colored mane and tail staring back at you.
  7. "What in the..." you mumble. "Hey, didn't the vikings believe in a god named Thor who had a magical eight-legged horse named Sleipnir, who could walk on air and water?" you wonder out loud. The odd looking horse whinnies and shakes its head, as if recognizing the name 'Sleipnir'.
  8. "Done staring?" the horse says, glaring at you. You realise by it's voice that it's a mare (A mare is a female, for all you guys who aren't horse experts. x3). " guess. Uh, whaat are you?" you stutter. The horse snorts. "I am Luminita, descendant of the great Sleipnir himself." the horse tells you, as if everybody should know that.
  9. Guys, this answer will have no effect, but go here if you want to see what a sleipnir looks like: [no urls]~ohan/Sleipnir-on-all-fours.3097995.html
  10. You hear somebody walking, so you turn around. Three of the tuxedo guys are talking to eachother behind some of the trees. One of them turns around. "Hey! It's them!" they shout. All three of them aim their guns at you. "get on my back! NOW!" Luminita yells. You hop on her back, and she immediately jumps into the air and gallops on it, as if it were solid ground. You hear the dark cause members shouting below you, and bullets whiz past you. "Hurry! We're not out of their gun range yet!" you hiss in Luminita's ear.

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