You and The Wolf Riders part 2

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Yep, this is part 2 of the You and The Wolf Riders series! PLEASE rate and comment, part 3 will be out by tomorrow at the most! And sorry if you don't get the wolf you wanted. :)

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Created by: Nakita

  1. So, in case you didn't take part 1, the window just smashed open and glass flew everywhere. And Ryuu is screaming "THEY'VE FOUND US!!"
  2. Kedhrix (Guy with black hair and blue eyes, remember?) yells at you to run, and then he turns and runs into another room, followed by Tavorian (Guy with brown hair and green eyes, remember?), the winged wolves, and you.
  3. You run into the next room, and you look behind you and see six guys in black tuxedos jump through the smashed window with guns (movie-ish, much?). You hear Tav yell something at you, and then you hear wings flapping, and turn around to see Ked on Nyghtstorm's back, already high up in the sky (they ran out the back door), and Tav on Ryuu's back. You run out the back door as well, and start trying to get on Firebyrd's back. "Don't if I use my powers and you're on my back, it might kill you, because you're not immune to fire. Same with Void." Firebyrd tells you. The guys in tuxedos are coming closer, and you only have a few seconds to choose which wolf to fly on! Your choices are either Luna or Prisma. You choose...
  4. Suddenly one of the guys in tuxedos runs into the room and aims his gun at Luna. Firebyrd and Void are already flying off, and too far away to use their powers.
  5. You tackle the guy with the gun, and rip his gun out of his hands. He curses at you and tries to attack you, but suddenly you seem to find strength you didn't know you had, and he's like an ant compared to you. Luna gives you a thankful look before flying off, for fear that her unborn pups could be harmed.
  6. You punch the guy in the face and knock him out. The other five guys in tuxedos run into the room where you are, and aim their guns, so you quickly jump on Prisma's back. She starts running, zig-zagging to avoid to bullets that are being shot, and then jumps, starts flapping her wings, and you're airborne.
  7. "Hey! Wait for us!" Prisma shouts to Firebyrd, Void, Luna, Ked on Nyghtstorm's back, and Tav on Ryuu's back. You hear a bullet shoot past you. "Wait, we have to fly faster! We're still in their gun range!" you yell to Tav and Ked. Prima and the rest of the wolves flap their wings harder, and start going faster.
  8. Ked and Nyghtstorm, who are leading the group, circle once and land in a clearing in the forest. Tav, Ryuu, you, Prisma, and the rest of the winged wolves follow him and also land in the clearing. Tav and Ked jump off Ryuu and Nyghtstorm, and you jump off Prisma. "Who were those creepy guys? And why did they try to shoot us??" You yell, confused. "It's a really, really, long story..." Tav started.
  9. Tav launched into the long story. "As we already said, wolf rider's gems are always either passed down from generation to generation, or the gem just seems to appear in the future wolf rider's hand when they shed their first tear, usually about an hour after being born at the most. Although the gem is very small, you can't just carry a gem around with you all the time, so wolf riders often put them on bracelets, other jewelry, buttons on their shirt, barettes, etc. They usually find the winged wolf that their gem is linked to when they're about three or four years old, when they start talking and learn how to call their winged wolf. In the cases where the gem is passed down from generations, their parents are usually supportive of their child wolf rider's powers -" you interupt Tav. "Wait, you mean the Wolf RIDERS have powers, too?" you ask. "Yeah, but not as strong as the winged wolves' powers. Anyway, as I was saying, their parents are usually supportive of their child wolf rider's powers. But in cases where the gem appears when they shed their first tears, the parents often have no knowledge of the wolf riders, and then several bad things can happen. One, the parents could sell it on Ebay or something for a million bucks. Two, the child could keep the gem and call their linked winged wolf by accident, which would most likely terrify the parents and cause them to go as far as send their child to an orphanage. You were lucky. I can tell by the fact that you didn't know about the wolf riders that it appeared in your hand when you shed your first tear, but luckily your parents kept it, and you never called your winged wolf by mistake. It was put on that bracelet for you, until you lost it. Am I correct?" Tav asks. You nod.
  10. Ked continued for Tav. "Well, for decades there had been a group called the dark cause. They are led by Sian Nefertari, whose purpose is to kill all winged wolves and steal their power for her own use. But a year ago, she discovered a new sorce of power, even stronger than the magic found inside the hearts of winged wolves. The wolf rider's gems. Each gem is unique, not one is the same. Even if they appear to be the same on the outside, their cores are all different. Each gem has a core, and each core holds so much power, that just one of them could wipe out an entire race. Now, just think of what millions of cores could do! Until last month, the gems were protected, because if anybody tries to steal the a gem from another wolf rider, the stealer will die as soon as they touch the gem. But Sian's followers and slaves have somehow created a new material that seems to be immune to the protective power of the gems. This material is called chelx, and they can sew it into gloves to handle the gems with. remember how I told you there were about three hundred wolf riders? Well, there used to be millions." Ked tells you. " mean, you think my gem was stolen from me when I was little?" you ask, shocked.
  11. You hear a snap and turn around. "What?" asks Tav, curious. "I...I thought I heard a twig snap." you say, still looking behind you. "If you heard it, probably not. Human's ears aren't known for working well." Ryuu grumbled before curling up to take a nap. You sigh. Maybe it was just your imagination.
  12. Pleas ecomment, and don't forget to take part 3 when it comes out! :)

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