You and The Wolf Riders part 5

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Okay, here's part 5 of the "You and the Wolf Riders" series! Hope you like it...I also might have a quiz to see if you're a star, seraph, wolf rider, dark cause member, sleipnir descendant, or winged wolf.

I'm just going to say random stuff. lalalala butters frog pig tasty pie yummy tasy crunchy cheese tasty cake pie yum GERBIL skunkface of dooooom has come

Created by: Nakita

  1. Things in Aurora Tauransor quiet down, and the stars start going off to sleep in their own private quarters of the Aurora. "The sun is rising on earth, so we're going to bed now." the female star with black hair tells you. "Oh, that makes sense...wait! What about China and those countries? The sun isn't rising on that side of the earth! Is their night just going to be starless?" you ask. The female star scowls, as if everybody should know what she's about to tell you. "Aurora Rozamund is on the other side of the earth. Their clock is opposite of ours, so they're waking up about now. Oh yeah, and by the way, my name is Rigel." the star tells you. You remember from an astrology class that Rigel is one of the stars in Orion's belt, in the Orion constellation.
  2. Even Wesley goes off to bed after awhile, and the room is almost completely empty, except for Rigel and Luminita, who is sleeping standing up (horses do that) a few yards away. "Well, I guess you can use one of the..." Rigel starts, but her voice trails off, as if she's remembered something horrible. "...empty rooms." she finishes quietly. She starts walking off, and then turns around. "Wersley says you've recovered enough to stand now. Follow me." Rigel tells you. You jump out of the bed you were in and start following Rigel.
  3. You walk down a hall, which also has a glass floor and glass walls, so it almost looks like the doors, which are made of steel, are floating in midair. Outside the glass walls, and below the glass floors, you can see the distant glow of stars from other auroras. You notice that on every door, there's a name scratched into it. You realise it must be the name of the star who lives in it. In a few doors, there's only one name on it, but on some, there are as many as eight. Finally, Rigel stops in front of one of the steel doors. There's already a name scratched in it: Polaris. But there's several scratches over the name, as if somebody tried to scratch it out, and didn't do a very good job. "This room used to belong to a star named Polaris." Rigel said sadly, opening the door for you. "The north star?" you ask. "Yeah. The top of the sky, or whatever. He's been missing for at least fourteen moon-orbits, or, in earth-talk, two weeks now." Rigel explains. "Oh...I think I heard in the news something about how Polaris disappeared...and there was a supernova, or something..." you mumble to yourself. You immediately stop talking when you realise Rigel is holding back tears. Was it something you said!?
  4. "Supernovas aren't caused by dying stars. Polaris isn't dead. If he had died, the seraphim and all the rest of the angels would know, and they'd tell us. Wesley doesn't seem to be upset by anything, so there's no reason to think he's dead!" Rigel screams. You stare. "Sorry, I'm not screaming at you. It's and Polaris were kind of really close friends." she mumbles. "It's okay. I understand." You say. You walk into your room, and Rigel shuts the door. You look around, and are surprised when neither the floor nor the walls are made of glass. You look around for a lightswitch, but can't find one. You notice a lantern hanging from the ceiling - the kind that uses fire - and light it with a match. Apparently, the stars don't use much electricity. You look around. You had stood on top of a small bed with white sheets in order to light the lantern, there was a silvery-colored desk in one corner, a small door that you assume is a closet, Some drawers and a mirror on one side of the room. The floor is a silver, reflective color, like a mirror, and the walls are dark blue with white specks here and there, very much like the night sky. Polaris must've been an artist, because there are some drawings on the desk, some on the floor, and some on the walls. Many of them are of racing sled dogs, icy forests, frozen rivers, wild packs of wolves, bears. t makes sense. Since Polaris WAS the north star, after all, the parts of Earth he would see most often would be in the arctic circle at the top of the earth. Places like Greenland, Alaska, etc. But there were also several others pictures. A picture of two seraphim (you reconize one as wesley, and don't reconize the other), an unfinished sketch of Rigel, a watercolor of a blue-haired seraph you've never seen before, two sketches of Lumninita, a few more sketches of Sleipnir descendants you don't reconize, and several others.
  5. You climb into the bed and fall into a deep, dreamless sleep. You were almost hoping you'd dream about the winged wolves and see if they're okay, but oh well.
  6. You wake up, but it's still dark, so you lay back down. Then you realise - "I'm in space, DUH it's always dark!!" and immediately jump out of bed. You get dressed, run out the door, and crash into a silvery-haired seraph who you recognize as Wesley. "What the - oh, it's you. G'morning." Wesley says. "Oh, hi...where's Rigel?" you ask. "Eating breakfast, like you should be. Go back down the hall, turn to the right, make another right turn, go up the stairs, and you'll be there." Wesley explains. You nod, thank him, and follow his directions.
  7. You walk into a large room, with several really long tables in it. You see Rigel sitting at one of the tables, sitting next to another star. The star has electric blue hair with a black streak in it, and is, of course, wearing silver metallic clothing. Rigel spots you and waves you over. "Hi, __! This is Sirius. Sirius, this is __." Rigel introduces you to eachother. You assume that Sirius and Rigel must be cose friends, because you've studied star maps on earth, and Sirius is in the Canis Major constellation, which is very close to the Orion constellation. (I know what I'm talking about. I'm not making these stars up, the stars in this story are named for real stars. Look them up on google if you don't believe me. ;))
  8. Sirius smiles and says hello, but he seems to be shy and doesn't talk much. In a few minutes, one of the chefs - a female seraph with brown hair - puts a plate and a glass in front of you. The liquid in the glass has an odd, reflective blue color. You see Sirius and Rigel drinking it, so you drink it as well. Unexpectedly, it tastes alot like a mix of cherry and orange. On the plate, there is a triangle-shaped, white bread-like thing covered in some sort of a powder, and white fruit you've never seen before. You're not quite sure what they are, so you don't eat them. Sirius notices your untouched plate. "You don't like sukih?" he asks. You give him a confused look. "The triangle-shaped thing. That's sukih. The white fruit is cleiv." Sirius explains. You warily take a small bite of the sukih. It has a weird filling inside that tastes somewhat like vanilla, and the bread part of it tastes alot like rice. You realise you're hungry and end up eating the entire thing. You take a bite of the cleiv. The inside is pink while the skin is white, and it tastes kind of like champagne and strawberry at the same time.
  9. After breakfast is over, you turn to Rigel. "I was just wondering...I know that there are more stars in the constellation of you know them as well?" you ask curiously. Rigel shrugs. "Yeah, I them them all. Me, Saiph, Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, and Meissa." Rigel explains. She looks around. "Well, you've never been here before, and you're going to have absolutely no idea where you're going, so why don't I give you a tour of this place?" Rigel suggests.
  10. You and Rigel walk out of the dining place and down the stairs, which leads into a sort of a courtyard-garden-ish thing. You recognize only a few flowers and plants, but you don't recognize most of them, and you've never seen ANY of these kinds of trees before. They're growing in...well, it's not soil, you can't tell what it is. All the plants, flowers, and trees are growing in an odd, white, sugar-like powder with gold and dark blue flecks in it. "This is the greenhouse. All the food we eat comes from here, since we're vegetarian." Rigel explains to you as you walk through the room. "What...this is weird...what are they growing in?" you mumble, looking around with wide eyes. "Dried moonlight with some other stuff added in." Rigel explains. You continue to admire the plants. A black-and-white striped rose. Some light blue, transparent flowers that look as fragile as paper. A surprisingly large cleiv tree. All the plants are thriving and healthy, there isn't a single brown spot are parasite to be found on any of them. There are some glass, sphere-shaped bee hives at the top of the greenhouse and several butterflies fluttering around the room, "To keep the flowers and trees pollenated." Rigel explains.
  11. You pass a few stars who are working as gardeners before going out the glass sliding door at the other end of the room, turning right, and walking down a shorter hallway. Rigel opens a steel door and walks in. You see the name "Shedir" scratched in the door, and for a moment you think it's another star's quarters. You walk in after Rigel and look around. There are rulers, peices of fabric, thread spools, machines, pins, needles, large rolls of silver, white, gray, or black fabric, and smaller rolls of every other color you can think of. It's a dimly lit room, with all the light coming from a lantern above a table, where another female star is working like a machine on stitching some green thread into some of the silver fabric. The star has messy hair, a ruler tucked behind her ear, scissors hanging around her neck, she's holding the needle and thread in one hand, a tape measure in the other, and her pockets are pretty much filled with fabric scraps, thread spools, scissors, pins, pin cushions, pencils, smaller rulers, straight edges, and a small bit of yarn. "One moment, I'm almost finished with this jacket for Alpheratz - oh, it's you!" the star exclaims when she sees you and Rigel. "__, meet Shedir, our seamstress. She's in the Cassiopea constellation. Shedir, meet __." Rigel says. "Nice to meet you, __." Shedir says with a smile, and adjusts her glasses. You smile back. You can tell Shedir is an old star, her skin looks dry and wrinkled in places, and her dark violet hair with orange streaks has some gray strands in it.
  12. "I was wondering if you could make some clothes for __." Rigel explains to Shedir. You had noticed stars staring at you, and being able to fit in more until you could find the winged wolves again would be helpful. Shedir nods and goes back to work on the silver jacket. "Okay, c'mon." Rigel says. You and Rigel walk out of the room, and only walk a short distance before walking through a doorway and into another room. "Do you recognise this room? This is where you woke up after blacking out on Luminita's back. That mare, she gets on my nerves sometimes...when she went through the celestial wall, she went so fast that you couldn't hold onto her mane anymore, so you let go and stopped breathing." Rigel explains. You see Wesley in the back of the room, sitting in a chair, eating a peice of sukih leftover from breakfast and reading a book. "Oh, yeah. And since us stars don't have much medical knowledge, a seraph or one of the lower-ranked angels are assigned to each aurora to work as a healer. Or, as you call them on Earth, doctors." Rigel explains to you.
  13. That's all for part 5. Sorry for making it so boring! The next part will have more action in it. ;)

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