Keepin' You...part four

What happens next with Micheal, Riley, Caleb and Tyler? Read on and don't forget to rate or comment!

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Created by: katanasky

  1. You glance between Micheal and Riley, sensing the tension between them. You grab Micheal's arm. "Don't do it Micheal..." you start. "---, don't tell me what not to do, I'm doing the best I can," he says sharply, jerking his arm out of your grasp and grabbing a gun before heading outside. "---?" Tyler asks hesitantly. You turn around. "Tyler?" "I'm sorry," he says. You shake your head. You're pissed at Micheal for being a jerk and at Riley for being so cocky. Somehow you end up in Tyler's arms. He pats your back comfortingly and strokes your hair. "It's okay ---," he says. He's so soft and gentle compared to the other boys. You can't help it. (I wish I had a chance, I know Micheal or Riley's gonna get her... she can't like me... she never did. She hung out with Caleb and Micheal and Riley was popular. I never was and I'm still not) "Tyler," you say slowly. "Hmm?" "What do we do if...?"you trail off but he understands. "They'll come back, don't worry ---, they'll come back." Even though he spoke assuring words, in the back of his mind... he knew it would be easier to have you if they didn't.
  2. "---?" a voice says above you. You pry your eyes open. It's Riley. His hazel eyes shift away from yours. He knows you're mad at him and Micheal. "What?" you ask. "We're leaving," he says. You are suddenly very awake. You jump up and feel dizzy. Riley puts a hand on your waist to steady you.then he pulls away and walks out of the cave into the sunshine. Dang boys let you sleep in again. You see Caleb's up and Tyler was outside. Micheal was silently loading a quarter of your gun supply into the truck. Tyler hands Riley a canvas bag which you guess is food. Riley puts it into the passenger side of the truck. Then Micheal sees you. He opens his arms and you run towards him. He lifts you off your feet as you squeeze his breath out. Even if you don't have feelings for him, he is still your best friend and you don't want him to get hurt. The other boys turn away to miss the heartful goodbye between you. Micheal has known you forever. "Caleb and Tyler will take good care of you and we'll be back tomorrow," Micheal says. "I wish you wouldn't go," you say, a few tears trickling onto his t-shirt. "We'll be back," he assures you before releasing you. Then you hug Riley. His arms slip around your waist and he holds you close and looks into your eyes. "If we never come back I'd like to know that I kissed you," he says. He leans his head towards you and your lips meet. While Micheal's kiss was awkward, and Caleb's and Tyler's kisses were short, Riley's kiss was neither. He knew how to kiss. When you broke away he smiled before getting in the truck. Micheal saw and stares at you. Probably deciding not to let Riley get a step ahead of him, he asks you with his eyes. He steps close to you and kisses you. His kiss was familiar. It was nice, warm and tender. When they drove away, you couldn't help but feel that only one boy was coming back.
  3. Tyler takes your hand as they drive away. You hold his. It's warm and strong, but very gentle and he holds yours like it's made out of glass. You send him a brave smile and don't dare try to read his thoughts. About ten minutes later you notice Caleb's gone. You walk further into the cave calling his name as Tyler grabs a gun and hikes out into the forest. You haven't been so alone in your entire life. None of the guys hanging around you and you feel unprotected. You stumble around a corner and into Caleb's arms. "---? what's wrong?" he asks. "Caleb... Micheal and Riley are gone and Tyler went looking for you..." he stammer. He holds you in his arms gently and walks you back to the camp. Tyler's still not back. Caleb groans and grabs a gun before looking at you. You stand up with him and grab a gun. He pats you on the back and turns towards the forest.
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  5. After about an hour you hear gunshots. You and caleb race towards the sound. It's coming from a tree. You guys are on a rise and are about level with Tyler who is high in a tree. Down below him is a hoarde of zombies. Tyler was trying to shoot them but he's nervous and not a very good shot anyway. You realize he risked his life to find Caleb, who was technically competition. You wonder if Micheal or Riley would do the same. You shiver at the thought of what the boys are becoming. Caleb grabs your hand and pushes you towards the edge. You realize what he wants. You lean out and reach for Tyler as Caleb compensates for your wieght. Caleb shoots at a zombie approaching from behind. Your hand locks on Tyler's and you pull him back. Caleb pulls on you and Tyler jumps the crevasse between the cliff and the tree. You three then turn around and are faced by a herd of the living dead. You grip Tyler and Caleb's hands. They look at their guns. Three guns against so many targets. Would you have enough rounds?
  6. Cliffhanger?
  7. Okay, fine, I'll keep going. but, who do you like the best?
  8. Caleb takes your gun from you. You are a terrible shot and you can't afford to waist rounds. As the zombies get closer the boys keep waiting... probably because closer they are easier to shoot. You scream when you recognize one as your brother(or sister, mom, dad, friend, whatever) Then Tyler and Caleb start shooting. Since the zombies are so close every shot brings one down. You are in total shock and terror. You struggle to breath and you shake. You just want out of there. Will you make it? "---! Listen to me, Tyler's going down the tree and you follow him!" Caleb shouts. Tyler takes one gun and leaves the other two with Caleb. Tylers light blue eyes lock on yours for a second before jumping for the tree. "Caleb!" you say. You don't want to leave him. "I'll be okay, just go with Tyler ---!" he shouts. You run to him and kiss him quickly. He returns the kiss and sends you something like a smile before you turn towards the edge. With running footsteps you leap towards the tree. Everything seems in slow motion as you fly through the air.
  9. I really need to stop here, but I'll probably make part five real soon. So here is a bit about me, I'm 5'3'', black hair, brown eyes, and I love writing. Mainly romance and action. I like pleasing readers so tell me what you want to happen or who to die, or who you love or whatever and I'll try to make it happen. I hope you like my story. After this series is done, I'll probably make another... probably with aliens or spies or something.
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