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You found some hot chick that's stealing attention and Micheal and Riley are back. Blah Blah Blah... anyway, Enjoy! Below are the first four commentors!

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Created by: katanasky

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  1. You are still boiling inside after you make it to Kass's camp. You're sitting with your arms crossed on your knees, staring into the fire. You don't notice that Riley has come to sit besides you until he drapes his arm around you. "---, what's wrong?" he asks. You don't tell him that you're jealous of Kass... even if it is silly, there's still four guys and only two girls. "Nothing Riley," you answer quietly. He tilts your chin up and looks into your eyes. His hazel ones reflect the fire and the dark of the forest at the same time. Then his warm lips press against yours. Your stomach drops. His arms slip around you gently as you melt. then you see Micheal coming behind him. Riley must've heard him because he pulled away and stood up to face him. You know nothing's been settled between the two while they were gone. They lock in a death glare. Even though you hesitate, you read there minds. Micheal: I'm breaking the damn contract. Riley: If he breaks the contract I swear I'll kill him. You feel sick, you are sick. Of this contract stuff. They're keeping something from you. They are treating you like some pet and not an equal and you are sick of it. You stand up and grab a gun. They break their gaze and stare at you.
  2. You don't shoot anybody, you stomp out into the dark forest. They stare after you in befuddlement. Then Micheal comes to his senses. He comes after you and grabs your elbow from behind, wheeling you to face him. His intense green eyes soften as they search yours. He takes a deep breath. "---, we just all like you so much that... that... we... it's bad enough to have the hots for a girl when there's millions of others, but when there's just you, it's a billion times worse." "Micheal..." you say. He pulls you into his arms. You rest your face against his chest, letting tears stream down your face. "Shh...---, don't cry please," he whispers. He's always hated it when you cryed, from when you were scared to go to kindergarden, and now, you're just plain scared. He holds you gently. Even if he can be a possessive jerk, he's been your best friend forever. He tilts your head up to look into your eyes. "---, listen to me, whoever you want... you can pick, no one will tell you what to do, you don't have to pick now if you don't want to even." he says. You read his mind. (Can I kiss you?)
  3. He does, and his tender kiss is familiar and homey feeling. It makes warmth spread through your chest. When your knees weaken, his arms slip around your waist. "I missed you," he murmured, a hair width away from your lips. Then he takes your hand and leads you back to camp. He let's go of your hand and brushes by Riley, sending him a glare and knocking his shoulder. You settle back down by the fire, feeling confused about their kisses.
  4. You're brushing your hair the next morning outside the tent when someone covers your eyes from behind. It surprises you and you wheel around, knocking Tyler to the ground. You fall on top of him and his hands catch your waist and your face is inches away from yours. His eyes widen. "Tyler!" you hiss. He grins, not letting go of your waist. "Just one?" he asks. "One what?" you reply. His lips brush yours and your breath catches in surprise. "Tyler!" you hiss again. He smiles. "Guys... can I get by?" Caleb asks, wanting to come out of the tent you an Ty are blocking. You jump up, suddenly embarassed. Tyler blushes, turning his usually pale cheeks bright pink. Caleb keeps his eyes away from yours and walks over to the fire. Tyler looks at you again but you look purposely away.
  5. After breakfast, you get stuck with doing the dishes with Kass. You look at her to find her already staring at you. She looks away. You watch her suspiciously. "I think I like you guys," she says. "Think?" "Okay, I know I like you guys, I mean, especially..."
  6. "," she says. Your eyebrows jump up. "Me?" you ask. "Yeah, I haven't seen anyone else for a while except my brother James and I really missed my sister and my friends... I haven't got to talk to a girl for so long..." she looks away but you see a tear stream down her face. She continued, "I hope you aren't mad at me for something, I haven't even got to talk to you since you were here." Oh man, maybe you completely misjudged her, maybe she's not as bad as she seems. she wipes her cheek with her wrist and smiles at you. "I'm sorry," she says. "It's-a... okay," you stammer. "Oh good! We can be such good friends!" then she catches you in a hug. You feel...
  7. "Girls?" you hear someone call. You stand up from squatting at the stream. Kass does too. It's Caleb, he slowly picks his way down the mossy hillside towards the stream. "Caleb!" Kass says with a squeal. You bite your tongue, something wasn't right. Caleb sends her a smile but his eyes fixate on you. "---, and Kass, we want to show you something," he says. So you follow him up the bank and back into camp, Kass having left you lugging the dishes. Maybe she was just lonely... but how she could steal attention so easily kinda made you mad. Maybe you would have to consider putting yourself out more. No way. Four guys. Two girls. DO the math, two guys are gonna be left out, not you, even if you didn't put yourself out or weren't as pretty as Kass, you would still get a guy. You shake the thought out of your head and follow Caleb to the tent.
  8. You sit in a circle next to Kass and Caleb. Micheal and Riely and Tyler all send you smiles, friendly, flirty, and shy. Then Micheal opens a backpack. Your eyes pop open. what's there?
  9. And I'm done. Outta Ideas. Comment? You'll probably get your name in the next one, if you are amoung the first five to comment!
  10. If you do comment, put what guy you like so I know which is the most popular and which guy needs work.

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