~Marie Antoinette~ Part 2

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ATTENTION!!!!!!! If you haven't taken the part one, you have too, well not really, but if you did, you'd be better off. I really recommend that you do. (:

If you have taken part one, and have heard of Marie Antoinette's tragic story, i bet you haven't, that's why i made this quiz. But instead of making it boring, i put you, as Marie Antoinette!

Created by: AlyAntionette
  1. You walk through the gradens, thinking. After a harsh journey to France, you were met by your soon to be husband, and it was disapointing. He wasn't what you thought...or what he looked like in his portrait. Louis-Auguste, Dauphin of France, wasn't handsome, but overweight, akward and shy. But you are to marry him in a few days. 1770, France
  2. Your Princess Marie Antoinette. Engaged to your country's (Austria)enemy.France. You look at you hand, wrapped in bacelets and rings. Since arriving in France, you have been treated like a true princess. What more could a girl ask? Your family is back home. Your safe. Loved. But the hope of marrying a handsome, charming prince had vanished. Leaving you in a mess. One you had to accpect.
  3. The sun is setting, pulling you back to the palace. Giving one last thought of your childish dream before returning. As fourteen years old, you are crushed.
  4. The servents are waiting for you as you enter the palace. You smile at them, "Where are the whereabouts of my betrothed?" you ask, even though he'd rarely talked to you since your arrvial to France. Your mother, Maria Theresa, had urged you to make Louis think of you as his future queen, not a smiple girl. But it is harder then first thought.
  5. "He's out hunting, Princess." you stare at the lady in waiting,"At this time? This early in the morning?" You walk toward your room, "Yes, my princess." you can't believe it, beside enjoying locksmith, reading, he also likes hunting at early dawn. He has never laid an eye on you, never showing a hint of interet.
  6. What pity, you want to say but keep your mouth shut. Your mother had said to get Louis attention and that's what your going to do. It's now or never, you think, before turning to the servent,
  7. He's not there when you get to the dining room. Fursated, you get grumpy and hardly eat. In two more days your getting married, so now what? You call for a servant,
  8. The morning of your wedding, your getting surronded by princesses, duchesses, and servants, all of them, pampering you for your special day. They hand you a irony dress, with pearls and dimaonds. You gasp, "It's beautiful!" your hair is decorcted with feathers and jewels. Today your going to marry. You feel your stomach drop, as you stare at the beauty in the mirror. You have very little time to reach the chruch.
  9. You get into a carriage, away from the golden sun and your off to the church to your wedding. After a silent ride, you reach the church. A hand is offered and get down from the carriage. Slowly but gracefully, you walk toward your awaiting bethorled. As you enter the church, a gasps and whispering is released. So many faces stare at you, you hardly have time to look at your soon to be husband.
  10. Finally you catch sight of him, standing in fornt of the pope, not really looking at you. You almost trip but thankfully it goes unoticed. Finally you reach him, he gives you this nervous look before taking your hand and you too face the pope.
  11. After the pope finshes his boring speech, he says the word you have been waiting for so long, (Or Not) "Louis-Aguste, Dauphin of France, do you take, Marie Antoinette, ArchDuchess and Princess of Austira, as your wife," You know there is no way he or you can say no. "Yes." he says, a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Then it's your turn.
  12. "Do you,Marie Antoinette, Princess and Archduchess of Austira, take, Louis-Aguste, Dauphin of France, as your husband," you pick up your curage and say, "Yes," it echos through the walls. Then, Louis picks up a ring and slide it into your finger, you do the same. "Then i pronun, you husband and wife." Cheers eurput as you and Louis are married.
  13. Dancing and merry laughing fill the room as your wedding party begins. You dance with Louis and stay by his side for most of the wedding. (You have too) When, Madame La Bour bows to you, smiling, you smile, "My dear Madame La Bour, what a surprise." you say, she nods, "Yes, I couldn't miss your wedding." You nod, "Yes, and at night, fireworks will light up the sky, no?" Madame La Bour laughs, "Yes, and then your wedding night will come." your smile disappears completely, before you force it back up, "Yes." you say, your wedding night.
  14. Ok, if you don't like somethings about the quiz, please comment so i can improve it. Examples: It's gets boring. and things like that. Thanks (: Part 3 is out...in some days

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