How Marie Antoinette are you?

Marie Antoinette was a great person and she was historically misunderstood. Give a little thought and see what kind of Marie you are! She was really nice!!

How much are you of Marie Antoinette! French icon and a Frecn queen, see how you match up to this French beauty. A little or a lot, take it and find out.

Created by: Kady

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  1. Do you enjoy the simple life, your family and a pleasurable house.
  2. While heading to a embarrising death, would you not cry and hold your head up high?
  3. Could you leave your mother for good at a early age?
  4. Do you like the high life? Big clothes, drinks, money, endless fun?
  5. If a mob was outside your window, yelling for you to come out and yelling death threats, would you go out?
  6. What you favorite name out of all below?
  7. What color is your beautiful hair?
  8. If you have kids, how many?
  9. Would you enjoy getting your portrait done alot?
  10. Can you look death in the eyes?

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Quiz topic: How Marie Antoinette am I?