How well do you know Star Trek?

There are many Trekkers and Trekkies, how well do you know Star Trek? This quiz will show you how much Trekish you are! Good luck! Long live Star Trek!

Just to let you know, this quiz is about the original series. TOS is my favorite, and I am loyal to it. No TNG for me!!! Of course, Star Trek will always be with us and someday, we may live it!

Created by: katanasky

  1. Spock's first name was what?
  2. Dr. McCoy's Middle name was what?
  3. What was Captain Kirk's enemy at StarFleet?
  4. How many episodes are there of TOS?
  5. Who did Nurse Christine love?
  6. What type of crystals powered the ship?
  7. What was Spock's mother's maiden name?
  8. In which episode did Sulu threaten crew members with a sword?
  9. What was the last aired episode?
  10. Who was the favorite character?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Star Trek?