the best star trek QUIZ EVER ! ! !

A true Trekkie can not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. They can name any character, ship, ect mentioned in the seires, going from the origonal trek to the latest movie.

Are YOU a true trekkie? Can you fight off klingons while rescuing the prisoners? Well, I don't know about THAT, but you can test your star trek knowlegde with this quick and easy test!

Created by: Dave
  1. In episode 8 Scottie says to Capt Kirk "Capt I cun nay do it!" What does the Capt want?
  2. What is the biggest class of starship
  3. What is the main borg ship?
  4. Why is this The Best Star Trek Quiz Ever?
  5. How many different ships can a prothemus class split into?
  6. What class does the origonal USS Enterprise belong to?
  7. who is Scotty?
  8. who is Scotty?
  9. Which group does the Enterprise belong to?
  10. Who is Barry Bonds?
  11. Who is Spock?
  12. Is this the first question?

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