Are You a real Trekkie?

Everyone has heard of Star Trek, but how many of you really know the show? I'm not talking about the sequel shows, like Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise. I mean, real old school Trek.

You think you have what it takes to test your devotion to the best TV series ever made? Are you a real Trekkie or a Trekkie wanna-be? Okay, no such thing (it's like being a loser wanna-be), but still take the test. See what you know.

Created by: Scott
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  1. Who was the Enterprise captain before Kirk?
  2. Which starship had the registry NCC-1017?
  3. Which character was not on the original series?
  4. Which episode featured Spock with a goatee?
  5. Janice Rand was...
  6. Who is Balok?
  7. Mr. Sulu was...
  8. The first episode filmed after the pilot episodes was...
  9. The Enterprise is working for...
  10. At the start of the series, Kirk's best friend is...
  11. Who is Kirk's brother?
  12. True of false: Captain Kirk got married on the series.
  13. Scotty's first name is...
  14. Uhura was...
  15. Which famous catch phrase was never actually said on the series?
  16. The Vulcan nerve pinch was introduced in which episode?
  17. Who is Spock's wife?
  18. Who was the producer in the series' final season?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Trekkie?