How Much of a Star Treck Geek are you?

LOVERS OF STAR TREK, HATERS OF STAR TREK, GATHER ROUND, GATHER ROUND! It's time to see how much of an inpact the hit TV series and movies have had on your life!

To all those who watched the original and the NEXT GENERATION, log on and enjoy the trip! If you think you're a serious geek, you'll love this quiz! And if you just want to proove you're NOT a total geek, go ahead and bomb the quiz! (We all know you really do like it! *wink*) Let's see if you've really got your Space Legs!

Created by: J_Tiger

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  1. What is the name of the episode with the monster that writes in the rock "No Kill I"?
  2. How many years does it take before a Volkin must mate?
  3. Who was always looking for a fight?
  4. Who brings the Tribbles onboard?
  5. Next Generalion: Who was doctor Crusher's son?
  6. A fun fact about Troy's Mother: What other character did she play?
  7. When Doctor Crusher is trapped in a Warp Bubble, the name of the episode was:
  8. Data's "older brother"s name is
  9. Captain Picard is in love with
  10. When Tasha dies, who keeps her picture on his work desk in his quarters?
  11. In the LAST EPISODE of next generation what entity returns to the Enterprise to help Picard unravel the mistery?

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Quiz topic: How Much of a Star Treck Geek am I?