are you a true star wars nerd?

do you know starwars? do you dream about killing darth vader, destroying the death star, and becoming a jedi? well, with this test, you can find out how geeky you are according to starwars

are you a starwars geek? we all know about darth vader, the jedi, and speeding through space, but do you trully know starwars inside and out? well, with this quiz, ou can find out whether youre a starwars nerd, or might as well never of heard of it

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  1. what is the name of han solos ship?
  2. who is the main hero of the original trilogy?
  3. who was the only jedi with a purple light-saber?
  4. what is darth vaders real name?
  5. why is the death star so powerful and important?
  6. who is the director of starwars?
  7. what was the first episode created?
  8. jflwjfaos dflsj; djfsdj ehfsaidhf jldfsdjfo jodfj?
  9. do you think you got that last one right?
  10. who was that short little green guy who talks backwards?
  11. are you a geek?
  12. what species was chewbacca, the co-pilot for the millineum falcon?
  13. who was gordon mansurlian
  14. what was luke skywalkers homeplanet?
  15. who killed count dooku?
  16. how did lukeskywalker die?
  17. how did darth maul die in episode one?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true star wars nerd?