What character from "Star Wars-Trials and times of sinch radania"

The star wars universe is a vast place open to many possibilitys. there is alwayse room for a creative author to expand and add a bit more. "Star Wars- The Trials and times of Sinch Radania" explores more of that universe.

Which character are you from the 'work-in-progress' "Star Wars- The Trials and times of Sinch Radania" By Chris Ruckert jr.? Are you a commando, a mechanic, a lover or a commander. you have to take the test to find out for sure!

Created by: cj Ruckert
  1. What would you'r profession be?
  2. What is your weapon of choice
  3. What will you wear
  4. what is your hair like?
  5. What culture are you from
  6. Are you a lover, a fighter, or in between?
  7. a squad of troopers approaches you, there is no way out of getting arrested and the chances of a shot being herd is very likely. How do you deal with them?
  8. What do you usually drink
  9. who do you fight for
  10. You see a child on the street you....
  11. What would you most likely be caught saying

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