Which Star Wars Character Are You?

This Quiz Is Fun For People Who Like Star Wars And I Mean Really Fun So Give It A Try And See Which Star Wars Character YOU ARE You Can Be 8 Different Characters I Am Going To See Who I Am Too

Are You A Character? Of Cource You Are DUH Let's See Who You Are 8 Different Characters Comes A Great Respnosibility You Know That Is A Quote Just Mixed It Up

Created by: Everett
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  1. What Is Your Weapon
  2. Do You Like Episode 3
  3. What Is Your Favorite Drink?
  4. What Is Your Favorite Sith
  5. Do You Like Anakin?
  6. Do You Do The World Of Star Wars On Yahoo?
  7. Who Is Your Favorite Jedi
  8. What Force Power Do You Use?
  9. If A Sith Tried To Kill You What Would You Do?
  10. Who Is Qui-Gon's Jedi Master?
  11. Do You Like Lord Vader?
  12. If Someone Killed You What Would You Do?
  13. Do You Like Padme?
  14. Have You Seen "Store Wars"?
  15. In Episode II Which Planet Does Obi-Wan Fight Jango?
  16. Do You Have An FX Lightsaber?
  17. Do You Like NFL?
  18. Do You Like Marvel?
  19. Who Is Obi-Wans Master?
  20. who are the top 3 bountys?
  21. Do You Like Lego Star Wars Video Games And(Or) Toys?
  22. What Are Padme Children's Names?
  23. what is anakins mothers name?
  24. Who Is The Last Sith?
  25. What Is Your Favorite Episode?
  26. What is Your Favorite Trooper?
  27. How Does The Death Star Explode?
  28. Do You Like Qui-Gon
  29. Do You Like Luke?
  30. Do You Like Leia?
  31. Do You Think Mace Windu Is Cool?
  32. Do You Like Naruto?
  33. Which Star Wars Characters Are In All 6 Epsiodes
  34. Which Droids Are The Most Famous? :)
  35. What Was The Name Going To Be At The End Of Luke
  36. How Many Episodes Is Obi-Wan In?
  37. Who Says: Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi Your My Only Hope
  38. Who Wrote The Star Wars Music?
  39. Do You Have A Star Wars Ornament?
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Quiz topic: Which Star Wars Character am I?