Don't Forget Me Part Five

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So, credit to: sundaisy_ _xxblutixx_ _angelic4_ _Ardeo9999, Thanks for commenting guys! Read below to find my replies. screw this (150) character crap. Bored.

@sundaisy:Thanks for the support! I checked out your profile and did all yours! @xxbluetixx: lol. thanks for such a long comment! So, it's a good thing I go so fast? I am hooked on your quiz series! @angelic4: It's a good thing if it's hard to decide, that means I promote them all equally. That's actually pretty hard. :) @Ardeo9999: I had a great violin practice! I love Leo too and the hugging and the kissing is sooo incredibly fun to write!

Created by: katanasky
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  1. Dang, let me check to see where we were last at okay?
  2. You notice all four guys staring at you with a lovesick expression. Great. So you start off for Montana.
  3. You're riding along in the... car... on the ancient, half buried roads. You guess the last time they were used must've been over three hundred years ago. You are in between Logan and corban in the back seat. Ash seems to be enjoying driving the odd vehicle. Leo had told you that it was a black Camaro from the twenty second century. That was millenia ago, and it had survived by being kept in the royal treasury. How the guys had got it you have no clue. you are watching the landscape fly by. It's quite amazing. People stare as you whiz past then drop on their knees like they had seen a god or something. Corban is casually holding your hand and Logan keeps glancing at you. The boys are sweet and you kinda got used to being their "pet". Leo is still the best friend you could ever dream of, despite his surprising and endearing advances. Ash is by far the most responsible and seems quiet and reserved. Corban is... immature a lot and you can't decide about Logan. Every time he sees you with someone else he stiffens and looks away.
  4. Later you wake up on Logan's shoulder. "Mornin' ----," Corban jokes. You stare into his eyes and feel him getting closer. You know how to control it now, just unfocus your eyes and stare blankly at them. It works every time. Just as his lips are an inch away from yours, you look away. He sits up quickly and everyone laughs at him. Logan pulls his arm from around your waist, which you didn't realize it was there.
  5. The sun is low on the plains that form the horizon and golden light fills the air. Ash stops the... car... and yawns. "Want me to drive?" Leo asks. "No!" Ash, Logan and Corban answer immediately. Leo looks around. "What? Why not?" and everyone laughs. Leo looks at Logan. "My turn," he said. Logan stiffens. "What?" he asks, sounding annoyed. "You got to sit by the chick... oops... I mean ---- the whole way here! It's so my turn!" Leo says. Logan shakes his head. Corban takes a deep breath and Ash=facepalms. "Excuuuse me, but 'The Chick' has to get out for a minute," you said pointedly at Leo. You climb over Corban towards the door and fiddle with the handle. You're kinda kneeling on him and you groan with frustration as the stupid thing won't work. "uh ----, locked," Logan says. Corban weaves his arm under you awkwardly and flicks a switch or something and the door pops open. You swear you felt his hand trace along your rear as you climb out.
  6. You are thinking. Leo might like you, Corban was head over heels, Logan was a good friend and Ash seemed to like you. It was kinda hard, putting up with four guys... especially when one got horny. ( XD ) And if they all liked you... that would be a disaster. You sigh as you stare out at the horizon. Then you make sure they don't look as you squat to go pee. ( ultra XD ) It's purple, lavender to be exact. You have had it with this freakin purple!
  7. You get in the car and not only did Leo get his way, but so did Ash. He's sitting where Logan had been and Leo is sitting where Corban had been. Corban is now sitting in the pilot's seat, holding the round object and making noises like the... car... So, you have to climb over Leo. He smacks your rear. You freeze, then turn your head to glare at him. He is looking away, all innocent like.
  8. In the morning you go to the spot the earth rock was supposed to be in the forest... and nothing is there. You spend all afternoon looking for it when suddenly a voice whispers through the air. "It is not here young ones... it is here, in the past."
  9. And, so, I had a good violin lesson. I'm in intermediate classical and beginning fiddling. I also have a Disney book I LOVE. In case you want to know some about me, I'm 5'4, black hair, brown eyes, Native American, 13 year old. I love writing and music. I can't stand Taylor Swift or JB, and I'm probably the only girl who doesn't sigh when Taylor Lautner's name is mentioned. I also fall in love with way too many imaginary guys and have some... ahem... imaginary friends, which is cool, because I don't have any real friends. XD. I'm a country girl and kind of a nerd. I love math and am in intermediate Algebra. I can't wait to get to calculus! So uh, that's it. Thanks.
  10. I would really love suggestions! Any I get I seriously consider! and xxxbluetixxx, if you're reading this... if I can't kiss Justin, I will do something homicidal!

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